Table Update

We all know that grouting is the best part, right?

I guess it is, if you’re outside and you’re not too stressed about getting the color wrong.

The other day it was time to put the grout on the mosaic table. I was almost out of that color, but fortunately I had enough to finish it. The weather has been too hot to just jump in the car and go over to Carlos’s store to get grout. Yes, I know Carlos’s store is so close to my house that I could probably walk over there in the amount of time it would take me to drive, you’d have to be in Fresno in the summer to understand. That, or I’m just super lazy.

Grouting is always so messy, but that’s part of what makes it so much fun.

I knew I was going to get grout on the edges of the table, but I also knew it would wipe off. And I also plan to repaint that part anyway. Amazing what a coat of paint can do for just about anything.

Naturally I had to get some random closeups of the texture.

As I mentioned before, I’m not sure how useful a table with such an uneven surface will be. I might just put some plants on top of it, if I can remember to move them when I water so they don’t leak and damage the mosaic.

Wait, I think I hear the ghost of Sunny the Sunflower, saying, “Don’t worry, Deb, I think it’ll be fine!”

Okay, that was not funny! Some of my plants are doing great. So far.

I still need to clean everything off with white vinegar and water, which will get rid of the “grout haze” and make it much shinier.

I’ll also need to fill in the grout on the side where there’s more of a gap between the two pieces of wood that make up the tabletop.

Then it needs to be sprayed with grout sealer, and it will be good to go.

Maybe I should paint the table legs, too?

13 thoughts on “Table Update

  1. Lulu: “Oh, so THAT’S grout! Mama and Dada have been talking about it ever since they finally started working on the shower in the bathroom. They seem to be afraid of the grout, for some reason, so I was expecting some kind of monster …”

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