Pandas and Penguins

What could be more whimsical than pandas and penguins?  I often think that God must have had fun when He was creating the animals. Don’t you think He tried out different shapes, sizes, and color patterns until He got each one the way He wanted it? Now, I know He could have made each one the way He wanted it the first time, but I just like to think of Him saying “Ok what would happen if I put black spots on their eyes?” or  “Why don’t I make these walk upright like little people?” and “Just wait, Adam and Eve are going to love this one!”
misc puppets
Puppets on their way to school to be given away to loving homes.

I got the idea of God enjoying making all the different animals when I was in my “finger puppet making days.” I used them for prizes in my classroom, or “just because” if a student requested a certain animal. It was so fun making them up as I went along! There are students who are college age who still have their finger puppets from middle school!

pandas in line
Yes, someone did request a blue and green panda!

Okay, now for the pandas and penguins drawings…Let’s do penguins first:

doodle penguins 2
Doodle Penguins. The good thing about both pandas and penguins is that they are both black and white. You don’t have to color them in!
Whimsical Penguins 2
Whimsical Penguins. This is one of my favorites. Proof that penguins don’t just have to stay at the South Pole!
penguin playground
You’ve seen this one if you’ve read the previous post, “In The Beginning…”

And now for the pandas…

Hidden Pandas
Hidden Pandas! I think there are 53 altogether…Can you find them all?
Panda Gym
Practice Pandas. I don’t remember  what the math was for…and don’t ask me how a raccoon got in there! This is from one of my 2011 notebooks (for more info read the previous post.)
Panda 2013
This was a practice one.
Panda Church 2
And how can we forget the “Pandacostal” church! Loosely based on my own church, but of course my pastor isn’t a panda!