So Many Naps, So Little Time!

Hi guys, it’s Foster again! Since I’ve noticed that Mom kind of shows you how she makes some of her different art projects, I thought I should do a tutorial of my own. After a bit of thought I decided that I should show you how I do what cats do best…sleep!


You’ve seen one like this if you’ve read my post from the first time I went to the vet. But since it’s one of Mom’s favorites I thought I’d post it here too.sleeping upside down.JPG

The art of sleeping…


One thing about us cats is that we can just about sleep anywhere…

asleep on table

nap on windowsill

Windowsills are the best!



It is a good idea to say your prayers before going to bed.


Ahhh, there’s nothing like the paisley quilt!


But the paisley couch pillow works just as well.

Notebooks also make good pillows, and so does the Kindle.


I always like to have my favorite things around  me when I sleep.


nap 7

Sometimes you just have to squeeze a nap in wherever you can…


We cats really know how to relax!


So, until next time, as I always say…so many naps, so little time!