Life With Foster

Well who would have thought I would be doing a guest post on Mom and Foster’s blog? Me, a lowly panda, and you all probably thought we pandas didn’t even know how to type! Well that’s just one of the new things you’ve learned today. Now let me show you what it’s like being the favorite toy panda of your favorite cat Foster…


You may have seen this picture in Foster’s most recent post about sleeping. Well, it would be great if that’s all he did, but believe me, the dude plays way more than he sleeps! And when he’s done playing he leaves me all over the house.

One of the first places Mom started finding me was stuck between the bed and the wall. This was before Foster got big enough to actually take me out of the bedroom to different parts of the house.

These are just a few places Mom has found me now that he’s gotten bigger!



Just once, can you leave me on top of the bed where I belong? I’ve tried to reason with him but it doesn’t do any good. This is from when he was smaller than me. Now he’s bigger than me, so I have even less control over my life!

But I have to say I’m not the only one around here who has Foster problems. You should talk to his poor Cat Toy…who even has to go to the vet with him!


Plus he gets slept on, or else just left on the windowsill by himself!


And that’s not to mention poor Fish! Just look how Mom found Fish one day!


What is this guy thinking when he plays with us?

At least I have to say that today he did try to give me water. It’s the thought that counts!


And now that he’s big enough to carry me around I have made it out into the living room a few times. So my life is getting more interesting…which may or may not be a good thing!