Hummingbird Watch

It all started when I decided to get a hummingbird feeder that would stick to the window. I thought, naturally, that if the feeder was closer to the window I would get better pictures. It all seemed very logical. Until…


I’m not showing the brand name of the feeder, because it was only on the window for about 10 minutes before it fell off and broke. Fortunately it was cheap, and it was plastic. I didn’t even get a blog photo of it before it fell!

I tried wiring it back together but it looked too tacky. Time for Plan B.

hummingbird-eatingI decided to move this feeder closer to the window. To be honest, I had gotten some pretty good pictures when it was hanging up, but I wanted even better ones! hummingbird-flyingThe problem was figuring out how to get the feeder close enough to the window.
bird-feeder-towerIt took several tries before I got it the way I wanted it. But I was able to utilize some of the whimsical items that had been sitting around waiting to be assigned to a space.watching-hummingbirdTogether with my trusty assistant, Foster, I got my camera (well, iPhone), and we felt just like the National Geographic photographers waiting for a tiger or an elephant to show

The key word is WAIT…


…and wait…


…and wait!


 The first day we sat there for an over an hour before we saw anything.


You know it’s bad when even the cat gets bored!


And then the photographer gets bored!


When a hummingbird finally did come close to the feeder, I wasn’t ready because I was in the middle of texting pictures of Foster on the windowsill to a friend. If you look closely you can see a blurry hummingbird in the picture above. The photo below is a little better.



This was probably the best one we got.  Below you can see that we did get pretty good ones of them when they went to the feeder on the corner of the patio. I like the way the blinds reflected on the window.


hummer-close-up-by-fenceCan you find the hummingbird in this picture?with-coffee-cupJudging from the level of nectar in the window feeder, it isn’t being used like the hanging one in the corner. I haven’t figured out if it’s because of the reflections from the window, or if they just like their feeders to be higher up. hummingbird-watch-3

As the saying goes, “A watched pot never boils”… so maybe a watched hummingbird feeder never attracts hummingbirds? While we haven’t completely given up yet, we’ve kind of quit spending as much time staring out the window each day. Guess it’s time for a good cup of coffee.