Who doesn’t love paisleys? (Don’t raise your hand, I already know some of you don’t!) But whether it’s from growing up during the 60s and 70s, or just because paisleys are so “artsy-looking”, they have always been one of my favorite motifs.

These are two “Vera Bradley” pencil boxes I bought, just for the designs on them. I know the one on the right is technically not a paisley design, but I liked it anyway.  I start out with them to show you that I don’t only like to draw paisleys, but I like them on things I own as well.


I made this Bible cover out of paisley fabric. (Oh, did I accidentally include Foster in this picture? That’s when he was little, but isn’t he cute?)


I always have paisley fabric somewhere in the sewing room!


I bought a Paisley coloring book, not to color, but to get drawing ideas. My philosophy on coloring is that I would rather color something I drew myself, but I love the books for getting ideas.


This is one of the first “paisley designs” I made, dating back to 2011. I’ve always been a fan of those “Jacobean” flowers, but I do have a bit of trouble getting them to look right.

one-of-first-paisleysOne of my other “first” paisleys.


green-butterfly Paisleys seem to go with butterflies for me, I’ve noticed.

They can even be black and white. The cup was an experiment a few years ago. Someone sent me the idea of drawing on a Dollar Store mug with a Sharpie marker and baking it to set the ink so it won’t wash off. The hummingbird was an attempt at combining a bird with Zentangles.


chalk-designsThis isn’t a paisley design, but I thought it turned out pretty

This cat is behind a paisley curtain because I was trying to copy a photo and I couldn’t get the cat’s back legs right. What to do in a situation like that? Put curtains in front of him and nobody knows you couldn’t draw the rest of him. (Well, you do now, but anyway.)