Doodles and Kaleidoscopes

I love doodles! Several years ago I saw a picture online where someone had done a doodle design that covered the whole page. I said to myself, “I can do that!” blue-again-sm

You already know that I began drawing  intricate, detailed designs because they helped me focus during times when I needed it most. But sometimes they are just for fun. And then, more recently, I discovered what you can do with your drawings if you have a photo editing program on your computer.

You can make Kaleidoscope Designs!


Quite originally, this one is called “Black and White”. Below, in the top left photo you see how the original design turned out as a “Kaleidoscope”.  The others show what happened when I cropped different parts of the original and ran them through the “kaleidoscope” again. These were all done with the “Reflections” photo effects in Paint Shop Pro X2.


This one is called “Purple Doodle”.


Below you can see what happened with “Red Doodle”.


The picture below isn’t exactly a doodle, but it came out really pretty in kaleidoscope form.




Now let’s see what happened to “Pink Doodle”.



This one is called “Rainbows”. I think the kaleidoscope versions look like stained glass windows.

Below: “Black and Yellow Doodle” and two of the designs that came from it.


“Turtle With Flowers” had some good possibilities too.


You saw this one in a previous post, but not the kaleidoscope version! You can probably tell  the part that was cropped is the flower in the top right corner.

This is a “Doodle Sampler” from when I was practicing some of the designs I had learned. I really like the way the different areas “kaleidoscoped”.





This is a detail from (you guessed it) “Turquoise Doodle”.



Then the other day I discovered on Zazzle  that you can “tile” an image and even change the colors using their “filters”. So I was able to use the “Turquoise Doodle Kaleidoscope” design you saw above, and make several items for my Zazzle store!

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