A Whimsical Door

Okay, how many grandmas do YOU know who would let you paint their bathroom door? Or perhaps the better question is, “How many would let you paint a whimsical scene on their bathroom door?” Now we’re getting somewhere…


For the longest time I had been thinking how fun it would be to paint a whimsical scene on the door of my already whimsical guest bathroom. What? That doesn’t surprise you? I can’t imagine why not!


But it’s not a project you want to take on by yourself. It’s more fun if you have someone helping you. So my grandson and I sat down and drew a rough sketch of what we thought should be on our whimsical door. We decided on grass, flowers, butterflies, a snail and a turtle. Oh yes, and a sun and clouds. The tree was an afterthought.

We used Sharpie markers to draw the outlines, and after using craft paint we went over the lines with Sharpie paint markers. We started at the bottom, doing the soil first, then worked our way up to the grass and the flowers.


door-firstNeedless to say we had a blast doing this. Because we started it when Papa (Mark) was sick and couldn’t come in to look at our work, we took pictures and brought them to him in the living room so he could enjoy the whimsicalness with the rest of us.


Over Thanksgiving we added the clouds, sun, and tree. We debated doing the background in blue so the clouds could be white, but it sounded like too much blue paint, so we went with just the blue clouds instead. Then we decided to do some doodle designs around the flowers.

wormsWe also decided to add a couple of worms and ladybugs.

door-with-treeIt’s still not finished, so whenever they come to visit from out of state, my grandson and I try to add more to it. You can see the tree still needs to go up to the top. I’m quite tempted to continue it over to the wall at the right, painting on the door frame and on the extremely non-whimsical wallpaper. It was my effort to “do something” with what I considered ugly brown wallpaper that’s been there forever and won’t come off that started the whole whimsical bathroom idea in the first place.



Here you can see some of the things I had done previously in my efforts to perk up the bathroom decor. So it only makes sense to have a whimsical door too, right?