Stained Glass

I’ve never tried doing actual stained glass…to many of you, the thought of me cutting glass in my home probably doesn’t sound too good either…


But who needs real stained glass when you have gel pens and Google Images?  To be honest, I probably got most of these ideas from Bing Images, just to be accurate (or OCD, you decide). But just so you know, whenever I use an image, online or otherwise, for artistic guidance, I don’t try to copy the the design exactly as I find it. I always add my own ideas, drawing elements, colors, patterns, backgrounds, and personality… so while it may have been inspired by someone else, the design I ultimately end up with is my own.

But enough disclaimers. Class, let’s continue. My favorite gel pens, as you already know, are the sparkly ones. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that if you blend yellow or gold into the other colors it kind of makes it look like the light shining through the “glass”.

Then through the miracle of modern technology (and my years-old version of PaintShop Pro), you can enhance your colors and make them even brighter and more vibrant! And let’s not forget my favorite, the kaleidoscope feature. I might add here that I learned how to spell “kaleidoscope” specifically to be able to label my Zazzle store items of the same name with confidence.

stained-glass-butterfly-kaleidoscope Extra Credit: Can you guess which of the above drawings this is from?

 I also have some stained glass inspired designs on various items in my Zazzle collections  Here are a few examples of some of the amazing items offered on Zazzle:

Night light and switch plate


Watch this space for more Zazzle updates!