Back to Grandma’s

Hi everyone! Foster here, ready to tell you about my latest adventure! Yep…another trip to Grandma’s house!

in carrier 3

I figured we were going somewhere when I found myself in my carrier one morning last week. It could only be the vet or Grandma’s, and I didn’t think I was due for any shots, so it had to be Grandma’s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Grandma and all, but I really hate being in the cat carrier.

I know I told you I behaved better last time I went in the carrier, but it had been awhile, so I had to complain as much as I did the first time. In fact, I meowed and tried to get out so much that Mom said instead of the Lion King I was the Drama King!

road work

We saw some road work on the way. Well, Mom saw it. I could barely see out of my carrier even though I was on the front passenger seat. I was very vocal on this trip, and finally Mom stopped and put me in the BACK of the car!!! No, I wasn’t in the trunk; we have a Honda CRV so it’s like the back of a van, sort of. Mom said it was because every time she looked at me she took her eyes off the road and she was scared she would cause an accident.

in back

THEN, to make matters worse, she turned on her music just loud enough to drown out my dramatic cries. I finally settled down, because why do drama if it’s not working, right?

by counter

Eventually we made it to Grandma’s. Once I looked around and remembered where I was, I was happy to be there. Even Panda was glad to be out of the cat carrier!

by coffee 2

Ahhh, the delicious aroma of coffee!

spilled h2o

You can see that I spilled my water, which I usually do. It’s because I like to play with my water bowl, and this one was too lightweight and it tipped over right away. But I didn’t get in trouble because it wasn’t my fault. I have to say Mom and Grandma are fair like that.

This time I decided I was going to find out what was behind the curtains in the dining room. Aha! Venetian blinds, my favorite!

This is the front window, which I also thought was fun to look out of. with puzzle

I found some cool stuff on the bookshelf that I hadn’t seen the last time I was there. This is a puzzle, I guess you’re supposed to move the round things over to the other pegs. As soon as I started to try and figure it out, Mom told me to get down and don’t play with stuff. Oh well, at least I tried!

Then it was time for me to take a little nap. What better place than in my cat carrier? After all, as long as I’m not in the car, I actually like to use it for my Lion King den.

sisters not cropped

While we were there Mom and Grandma were looking at some more old pictures. This is Mom with her sister in 1961. Did you notice they are holding hands? Cute, huh? You can see it was still black and white back then. There are more like this in my Baby Pictures post. I’m guessing the world must have turned into color sometime during the 1970s. I’ll have to research this further. When I find out for sure I’ll let you know.

sleeping on couch

We stayed all night at Grandma’s and came home the next day. I was so tired I went right to sleep on the couch. You’ll notice below that I was still asleep when it got dark, and I had barely moved at all!

sleeping at night

So Mom got me and put me on the bed, where I stayed asleep all night. I didn’t even get up at 2 a.m. to play! Well, the good thing is that Mom said now I’m big enough to stay by myself when she goes somewhere overnight. I was quick to agree. After all, I think I proved myself when she went on her Unexpected Adventure, don’t you?

asleep on bed