My Whimsical Garden Part 3

Well it’s Whimsical Garden time again…although I have to admit I had to look back on my old posts to see if this was Part 2 or Part 3! The weather is getting nicer and with that comes inspiration to work in the yard.

To start with, the daffodils turned out pretty well. I planted the bulbs in various locations, but I think the squirrels took some of them right afterwards. I don’t know for sure if squirrels eat bulbs, but I found a few strange little holes that weren’t there before, and some places where I thought I had planted them did not produce.


daffodils by tree

Besides daffodils, I also planted some other bulbs, including (if I remember right) tulips and crocuses. I think the one you see below is a tulip.

I bought a honeysuckle plant, and (though not in keeping with my usual character) I planted it the very next day! We’ll see how it does in the back corner behind the tree stump geraniums, which, by the way are doing awesome!

The primroses in the tree stump in the side yard, however, haven’t fared as well. We had a couple of days of really warm weather and the next thing I knew they were majorly wilted. The photo on the left shows how it looked when first planted. On the right you can see how they have revived a little since being watered. I didn’t have the heart to take a picture of them in their completely wilted state…plus I was hoping NOT to get a visit from the SPCP…(you know, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Plants!)

Speaking of the side yard, that’s one part of my garden that has always been whimsical, in and of itself. But since it’s not in my direct line of sight from the window, I rarely find myself going out there. My goal is to work on it this year and make it even more whimsical.

Okay, a few more things about the back…

back fence

You can see here that the back fence is looking much better since I trimmed the bushes and found the bottlebrush tree. You will notice that I’ve turned the bird bath over, and with the addition of an inverted terra cotta pot, it’s very likely on its way to becoming a whimsical mushroom.
tree stump mushroom.JPGAnd speaking of mushrooms, look what I found by the crocuses! Bleah!!! I love drawing whimsical mushrooms, but I really don’t want them in my backyard!  Another reason why Foster is not allowed outside! (In case you’re just tuning in, Foster is a cat, not a kid. And yes, if I did have kids, I would let them outside, just not by the mushrooms!) Not sure how to get rid of mushrooms, but will be looking into it soon.

Some friends gave me these cute wind chimes, which immediately became part of my whimsical garden decor!wind chimes 2

You can see that the work area needs, well, work…and poor Creeping Charlie is still out there. He had a little bit of green left, so I watered him. You never know….Below you can see how the stepping stones are getting a little faded, and the birdhouses got either dirty or moldy during the winter. So getting them back into shape will be another post.


Then it dawned on me awhile back that I actually have a front yard I could be showing you. It does have its whimsical qualities as well. So without a lot of explanation, here are some pictures.

Of course I have to have Pooh and Hello Kitty!

front yard featured



front porch

Thanks for accompanying me on my Whimsical Garden Tour! New updates are on the way! And, an exclusive sneak preview: Coming soon…Beginning Photo Editing Part 2!

disco cat resized
There is an explanation, honest!