Home Alone Part 2

Hey everyone! It’s me, Foster, and I have a new adventure to tell you about! But first, a bit of review…

home alone imageYou may remember this picture from my first “Home Alone” post, back in October when Mom had jury duty for like eleven days. I wasn’t exactly home alone, because she was only gone during the day. So I didn’t have to stay all night by myself. But for that whole adventure, Panda and I had to stay in the bedroom. Something about us getting in trouble in the bathroom on the first day. It was Panda’s fault, if I remember right.


Then at Christmas we went to Grandma’s in “The Great Christmas Adventure”. That was when Mom thought I was still too little to stay by myself overnight so she brought me with her. You will remember that’s when I got a “rug burn” on my nose from trying to get out of my mesh carrier!beulah-land-2Then Mom bought a new carrier that I couldn’t get out of, and we went to Grandma’s again! She still didn’t think I was big enough to stay home overnight  by myself. That’s when we thought the view on the way to Grandma’s looked like  “Beulah Land” , after listening to the song for about 30 minutes straight!on-way-to-renoThen FINALLY, she decided to leave me by myself for two nights! But that turned into “An Unexpected Adventure”, where she ended up getting snowed in and I got to stay by myself for FIVE whole nights! I had a blast with my friends Carlos and Kate, but Mom was going through major “Foster withdrawals”!grandmas featuredI was sure Mom would let me stay by myself from then on, but noooo, she had to take me in the cat carrier “Back to Grandma’s” one more time! That time I made sure to cause so much drama that she had to put me in the back of the car where she couldn’t hear me meowing (as much).

Then finally Mom said that from now on she wasn’t taking me anywhere in the car except to the vet. She said the stress of driving with me in the car was worse than the stress of wondering if I was okay at home by myself. Yes!!! I have “arrived”!

So this past weekend Mom went to Grandma’s for a special event called “Old Timer’s Day”. Not that she’s an “Old Timer”, you understand, but she was hoping to see some people from her 1970s high school days. However, she said most of the people she saw had graduated before she was even born! (I guess that’s why they call it “Old Timer’s Day!”)


Grandma works at the museum, so Mom got to see a lot of really cool stuff there.

These are a few of the pictures Mom took at the museum.  Meanwhile, I was busy entertaining Carlos and Kate.

looking out from chairI wasn’t a bit scared to stay by myself, but when I heard them come in on the first night, I thought maybe I should hide under the bed just to be on the safe side. Then I remembered that Mom had told me they would be checking on me, so I slowly came out into the living room to look for Carlos. Once I saw him, it was time to play!

peeking at Kate

This is when I was playing “Peek-a-Boo” with Kate.

on floor

Then it was time to sit around and look cute!

with peep

Of course Mom had to text Carlos and Kate every day just to ask if I was okay! Good thing they have a lot of patience!

Carlos and Kate

with cord

Finally, Mom came back! I immediately decided to play with the cord from her Kindle.

Then she let me play with the water in the sink. (She leaves the bathroom doors closed when she’s not home…can’t figure out why…)water spilledPlus I got to play in my water bowl again. I tried my hardest to be good for Carlos and Kate, so I didn’t put anything in my food or water all weekend. But now that Mom was back, I figured I could go back to being myself.


So there you have it, my latest adventure staying home alone. As an afterthought, I asked Mom about this picture. She said she went with Grandma to the Senior Center for lunch and they gave everyone a cactus for Cinco de Mayo. Grandma didn’t want hers so Mom took them both. But she forgot to bring them home, so it looks like Grandma’s “stuck” with them now!!
foster with green light 2
MOL (Meow Out Loud!)