Another Project

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but I just finished another project!

originalIt all started  when my neighbor (the one I got Foster from) gave me this cat tower from her mom’s house (where Foster was born, actually). It was used, but I was happy to get it, because even I must admit, it would be hard to build one by myself. My first idea was to clean it with carpet cleaner and bring it inside.close up originalIt was a little bit worn, so I thought maybe I should just try to re-cover it while I had it out on the front porch.


Before I knew it, I was taking off the fabric (it wasn’t carpet) and thinking about what I could cover it with. Armed with my “tools”, I was on a roll.


mod podgeMy mind naturally went to ModPodge and fabric. I’m not a real fan of animal print fabric, but I thought it would be pretty with Foster’s stripes when he sat on top of it.


The leopard print was just regular cotton so I could ModPodge it. But for the inside I used a fuzzy, velour type knit, so I was going need another method of attaching the fabric. close up of backI had discovered that the original fabric had been put on with a staple gun. A revelation: I needed a staple gun! Why had I not realized this before? staple gunVoila! My new staple gun! And 1,500 staples, no less! This reminded me of a conversation I’d had with an elderly neighbor lady named Beulah who lived next door to us when I was growing up. She was always working out in her yard, and one day she mentioned to me that someone had trimmed a tree for her using a tall aluminum ladder. She said she had asked where she could get a ladder like that and that the answer had been, “Beulah, you have no business owning a ladder like that!” All I could think of yesterday as I was going through the aisles at Walmart in search of the perfect staple gun, was, “Debra, you have no business…” in progress 2Needless to say, I was in “staple gun heaven” when I got back to my front porch. Is there any limit to the projects I can do now that I am the proud owner of this indispensable tool? (You probably don’t even want to know, but trust me, you’ll find out soon enough!)on porch 1So far so good…

turned on sideAlmost done…


Meanwhile I took  the top part in the house so Foster and Panda could check it out. It seemed to meet with some measure of success. (Truth in blogging: I’m the one who put Panda up there…)



Foster checking out the finished product…but wait! There was a problem…

smellingIt smelled like….


So I decided I’d better take the rope off the legs. Not without help, of course.


Then came the decision: what to cover the legs with?

from front with rampI used the staple gun on this part, thinking Mod Podge would be too messy for in the house. (Wait…what?) The ramp in the back isn’t attached yet. I had taken it off and debated whether to even include it. But it does seem to add a little more stability to the structure.


With and without the ramp.


So I was right…the leopard print does look nice next to stripes. I think he’s pretending to be a big cat in the wild, don’t you?
100% approval rating!