Running With the Big Cats

If you can’t run with the big cats, stay out of the jungle!

den 2Hi everyone, it’s me, Foster reporting from my den! Mom said I could do another post on her blog, so I decided to show you how much I am like my Big Cat relatives! I’ll do it with the help of photos Mom got for me from (Except the very last one was from Pinterest.)lying down to drinkI’ll start with my drinking hole – I mean bowl! I have two water bowls, but this is how I like to drink out of the one in the kitchen. Mom thought this was odd so she Googled it. (Big mistake, I’m trying to train her not to do that!) She read that sometimes if cats have kidney problems they lie down when they drink. She even called the vet, but they said since I have no symptoms I’m probably fine. Thank you!tiger drinking water lying downWhen IGoogled it, I found that the Big Cats in the wild often lie down to drink because they can’t be sure of how deep the water is and I guess they think it’s safer that way.

One thing the Big Cats like to do is sleep! I think they might sleep as many hours per day as we house cats do. But one thing about it, we all look cute when napping!

You will look even cuter if you stick out your tongue a tiny bit.

Another thing we all like to do is play in water. Then in order to be a Big Cat you have to be able to climb up high and survey your kingdom.

It’s always good if you can get that faraway thoughtful look in your eyes.

Then you have to get that perfect roar!

And lick your lips!

Or bite your foot!

We also love to hide behind plants in the jungle!

Plus our noses are super cute close up!

Then, of course, you must have a panda for a best friend!