Business is Booming (Somewhere)

It’s time for a “Zazzle store update”!


I recently decided it was time to revisit and upgrade my Zazzle store. I deleted quite a few old items that had never sold, and created a few new items. My new “store banner” features You-Know-Who, (Foster, if this is your first visit to our blog), who has his own “line” of products as well. Below I’ll share a few of the items that have sold from my store. (Not including the ones I have bought from myself, or the ones bought by my family and friends.)

My first sale! The Hospital Cat Doodle Postcard! (The name refers to the fact that I drew it while Mark was in the hospital.) My earnings for this card were originally $0.04, but I notice now it’s up to $0.05. It went to someone in Switzerland, so I guess as the international rates go up and down your earnings will change. Zazzle sends you a check when your earnings reach $50, so at $26, I’m about halfway there!

I was really excited about this sale, because the person bought two clocks, one round and one square. These went to Pennsylvania. (Notice that the Cat Doodle design has sold on two items now.)

The hummingbird stickers were bought by someone in Sheerness, UK. I love how my little “creations” have made their way to other parts of the world!

And, last year this Christmas ornament went all the way to Minnesota.

A Slow Start

They always tell you not to be surprised if it takes awhile for your Zazzle store to be successful. So I’m pretty happy about the sales that I have gotten, since I haven’t really been “marketing” it as much as I could be. Granted, some of my sales are to myself, but I like to see the quality of a product before I go around recommending that people buy it. So far all the items I’ve ordered have been of very good quality. Plus I periodically buy my own greeting cards, because I like having them around to use for stationery.

Speaking of stationery, here are some of the greeting cards in the “Foster the Cat” line.

Personalized Gifts

One good thing about Zazzle is that you can make personalized gifts without posting them for sale to the public. I was impressed with the quality of this pillow I did for my sister. (I’m the one on the right!) Here you see both Side 1 and Side 2. The color in the photo is not quite accurate, but it looks just right in “real life”.

I did this mug and necktie last year for Mark’s oncologist, Dr. Rao. He always liked seeing the drawings I would be working on when we went in for Mark’s chemo.  It is important to me that the medical professionals who were such an integral part of our lives for so long know that their care and compassion have not been forgotten.

I posted the Foster “Keep Looking Up!” mug for sale, but the “It Will Be Okay” mug was from a special drawing I made in honor of the 24 years Mark and I spent together, so I made it just for myself. The tree and the fox were inspired by the children’s book “It Will Be Okay” by Lysa TerKeurst.

zazzle cards

Then, of course, you can always make your own Christmas cards! It’s almost time to start thinking about what to do for this Christmas!

So, if you’re thinking about making personalized gifts or trying your hand at online sales, Zazzle is a fun place to start. And who knows, maybe you will be able to “quit your day job” once sales begin booming!