Catnip, Anyone?

“Who, me?”

looking upHi everyone! Foster here, with a new excuse – I mean story – for you! But before you read any further just let me say this: It was not my fault! I don’t even think it was Panda’s fault, although it could have been. Just listen with an open mind, that’s all I ask!sniffing garageI don’t think Mom has mentioned this before, but we have two closets by the door that leads to the garage. Apparently there was a previous cat here, because I have found a kitty door but it’s never open. But that’s okay, because every now and then Mom isn’t careful when she goes in the garage and I sneak in right under her feet. Then I play this game where I stay just out of her reach when she tries to get me back in the house. This is always fun until she goes and gets the RED DOT, and that always lures me back into the house. But I digress.incornerLots of times I try to get in the garage by myself, but although that never works, I have discovered that I can open the closet doors by myself. I used to climb inside and see what there was to play with, but Mom would always come and get me out. That was before she came up with another one of her “ideas”…

So the other day she started taking stuff out of the bottom of the “coat closet”. emptyI helped her by checking to see that the closet was completely empty. Then she took a little bench from the living room and turned it sideways so it would fit inside.both closetsShe said this was going to be a play area for me. Since I like playing in there anyway, it might as well be somewhere it’s okay for me to play. I was cool with that, so…

First she put a sort of fleece “blanket”  in there so it could be like a little fort for me. She even put some catnip on a little carpet for me to smell. Ahhh….it was heavenly! However we did have a little bit of a “cat fail” when I tried to jump up onto the top and the whole blanket slipped off with me on it! After Mom stopped laughing, she took it out and we sat down on the floor to rethink this.

We thought, and thought, and finally Mom came up with an idea. I was still a bit under the influence of the catnip, so I just agreed with everything she suggested.

So we ended up with the little carpet, two cardboard cat scratchers, some treats, more catnip, and a couple of mice.

As usual she put Panda on the bench so I would know it was OK for us both to play in there. So Mom finished taking pictures of us and went into the living room to start typing her blog post about “Whimsical Flowers”.  crossed pawsAs I have mentioned before, when Mom is typing and editing pictures, it can get a little boring. But then I realized that she had left the open catnip bag on top of the bookshelf! And conveniently, because of the bookshelf, she couldn’t see what I was doing from where she was…in catnip

made a messThis was pure bliss! I had so much catnip in my fur by the time Mom caught on, that just by picking me up she got it all over her too! Funny, it didn’t seem to affect her the same way it did me. Who can figure humans? dust pan

Alas, all good things must come to an end!

wow“Like, wow, man…”