You Might Be a Cat Owner…

You might be a cat owner if…

pony tail

…anytime you need a ponytail holder you just go get one from the floor in pretty much any room of your house.

phone pics

…you have more pictures of your cat on your phone than you do of your grandkids.

…you have an app on your phone where you collect cats in your “yard” and can “buy” them toys and take photos of them, then text them to your sister.

…you can figure out a lot of uses for plastic containers and duct tape.

paw under bed…you never know what you will find under the bed.

…all your houseplants are now plastic.

…it took you a couple of years to reach Level 112 of Bubble Cat Rescue on your Kindle but then your Kindle died…Level 120…however,  you got new Kindle and reached the highest level, after having to start over  from the beginning.

…you really need to sweep under the couch more often.

empty mantle…you have virtually nothing left on the mantle over the fireplace.

…the cords of all your Venetian blinds have been either cut, tied, or clipped out of reach of children and pets.

…you have random shelves on the windowsills throughout your house.

…you routinely find items like these in the bathroom sink, and it’s best to not to leave the Kleenex box out on the feet on pillow…you seriously have no problem with cat feet on your pillow.panda under bed

Did I already say you never know what you will find under the bed?