New Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old,

One is silver and the other gold.

Foster in reclinerHi everyone! This is Foster and Mom said I could do a post about my blogging friends. I’ve been waiting forever for her to finish drawing the pictures for it but finally she has enough so I can at least start. So, more accurately, we can call this “New Friends Part 1”.foster in fabricAs I’ve said before, one of the coolest things about your Mom having a blog is that she takes your picture all the time, and that’s usually before you get in trouble for doing stuff you’re not supposed to be doing. Everything is potential “blog material.” found planePlus you get to go on fun adventures, like the time we went to Area 51!computer for blogBut (previously unbeknownst to me), there are a lot of other cats (and even dogs) who get to help with their humans’ blogs too! As Mom and I started reading other blogs on WordPress, we found a lot of new friends! So keep reading and I will tell you about some of them.TigerThis is Tiger, who lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest.  Their blog is called “Cats and Trails and Garden Tales”. You can read more about him by clicking the link.Tiger and Benji drawingHere is Tiger with his friend/little brother Benji. In this drawing Benji is sitting on a chair (just in case you couldn’t tell…) Oh, Mom says to remind you that she is still learning how to make her cat drawings look real. She usually feels more successful doing “whimsical”, but she’s determined to keep practicing until she gets it right. Benji on graph paperThis one is called “Benji on Graph Paper”. (Mom is real creative with her titles, LOL)T and B whimsicalThe whimsical version!

Yesterday, the weather was so nice and sunny that after church Mom took her drawing book, went to get coffee, and sat at a nice outside table for a couple of hours. She was determined to do a realistic drawing of Benji for this post. Don’t laugh, the picture below is when it was “in progress.” Benji in progressThis is right after she realized that Benji’s back in the original photo was actually higher up in relation to his ear than she had drawn it. So she had to try and fix that. I’m thinking she probably could have left it alone, but if you know Mom, you know that’s just how she is. She’s not a major perfectionist, but just enough to know when something need to be fixed.Benji too cchubbyStill in progress. Notice all the smudges that had to be erased!Benji erasedBenji still in progress. Last night it dawned on Mom that in raising the line of his back, she had made Benji way too chubby. So, this morning she tried to fix that!Benji on quilt 2So by now there were so many eraser lines and smudges that she had to employ some of her favorite methods of artistic camouflage…and that’s how Benji got on this patchwork quilt with a paneled wall behind him! Click here to see the original photo.

More friends…

Easy HammockThis is Chaplin, from my dog friend’s blog Dennis’s Diary of Destruction. Dennis is a vizsla who has lots of friends (real and imaginary), including the Hipster Kitties, Charlee and Chaplin. This is supposed to be Chaplin chilling in his “easy chair/hammock”. (Don’t worry, Dennis, you are on the list for Mom to draw next. That’s why this is only Part 1 of this post!)ScoobyThis is Mom’s attempt at Scooby, one of the kitties from the blog Feline Cafe. Scooby and his friends have a really cool “catio” where they can enjoy being outside but still safe. If you want to see it, click here. Mom is still thinking about how she can make one for me…practice catsThis is a whimsical practice version of Tiger, Benji, Scooby, and somebody who got erased off to the right. The other cats (and dogs) Mom said she wants to try drawing are our friends from Daily Feline Wisdom and Cattitude Chronicles. Stay tuned for updates!

So Mom, now that I’m done with my post, I just have one question:

Foster on new shelfHow come you never draw me?

17 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. Hi there.Thank you so much for finding my blog and liking my posts. I so appreciate it when fellow bloggers enjoy reading my posts. I just began following your blog and I like what you do. Thanks again. Hope you come back again soon.

    1. Thank you! I really like your blog, too! As a retired teacher of Spanish and English as a second language I can say your language learning posts would be really helpful in the classroom! I will share your site with some of my teacher friends!
      Best regards,

      1. It’s my pleasure. I am so grateful for your kindness and am always happy to hear from a fellow blogger/cat lover. I will definitely return to read more of your beautiful and brilliant posts. Have a lovely night dear Debra.
        Kind regards,

  2. chrisscatmeow

    I think your drawings are really really good as I have tried myself and know how difficult it can be. Im a friend of Scooby real good likeness. x😻💕

  3. hello foster its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow luk at that that is so the likeness of chaplin lowndjing arownd in his hammock eezy chair thing!!! still wayting for sumwun to bring him sum catnip and the reemote i bet!!! i kannot wayt to see wot i luk like!!! and foster do not wurry yore mama duz not need to draw yoo on akkownt of she has the reel thing rite their!!! ok bye

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