New Friends Part 2

Hi everyone, it’s me, Foster, back to tell you about some more of my new blog friends!

First, to review. These are some of my new blog friends, who were featured in my post “New Friends”. You can read my post about them by clicking here. But remember, I said we had more new friends to tell you about. So let’s start with Dennis the Vizsla.DennisOne thing Mom and I like about Dennis is that he has lots of imaginary friends, and they have all kinds of adventures together. Lately they have been trying to get rid of some very pesky ants who keep taking their remote control! You can see his friend Chaplin, one of the Hipster Kitties, in the pictures above. Right now they are all escaping from a wildfire! Be safe, guys!


darth vaderOkay this is Mom’s attempt at Darth Vader, from Daily Feline Wisdom. In this picture he wasn’t the happiest camper, because his humans had done something… (Oh, and Darth, Mom said to tell you she’s sorry she couldn’t get your eyes just right…she’s still practicing! People can see how your eyes really look by clicking here.)XenaThe humans adopted a puppy!

(And that’s Her Royal Highness Xena Warrior Princess to you!)

Neighborhood Friends

I also have some neighborhood friends to tell you about. This is Fancher, who lives across the street. The other day he came up to the window to say “Hi”.


In case you didn’t know, my little sister lives across the street too. She comes to visit through the front window, too. Can you believe we both came from the same litter? She is ever so much smaller than I am! We were found in a garage across town and came to live with Mom’s neighbors across the street. We were being fostered, so that’s why, when Mom came and got me, she named me Foster. (But she knew she was going to keep me from the beginning!) Little Sister is still over there, so I guess she has found her “forever home” too.


new foxToday Mom got me a new “sort of” friend. It’s a catnip scented scratching thing that you hang on the doorknob. Since I do like to play with doorknobs, she thought this would be just right for me.


Of course I tried it out right away.


And you know how cautious Mom always is…she even fixed the hanger so I can’t get tangled up in it!

fox on door#RaisedBySwedes!



4 thoughts on “New Friends Part 2

  1. hello nansworldweb its dennis the vizsla dog hay their i am!!! sutch a gud likeness that is my fayvrit pikcher of me their with my indiana jones hat!!! i yoozed to ware it on my satterday adventchoors bak wen i yoozed to be an arkeeolodjist!!! and their ar vermin and mouse too my frenemy and my littel buddy reespektivly!!! i am not shoor why they ar on the imadjinerry frends paydj i am shoor it is just sum sort of klerikal error!!! and it is kool to see the drawings of sum of my other frends too like darth vader and xena!!! yore nayborhud frends shoor ar kyoot!!! ok bye

    1. Hey Dennis! Mom was waiting to see if you would like your drawing! I don’t have an Indiana Jones hat but I wish I did! We have lots of hats hanging on the wall but I’m not supposed to play with them! Glad you liked my neighborhood friends too! Have a great day!
      Your friend, Foster 🐱🐼

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