Five Minutes

Or, “How long is your attention span?”

A thru D smallBut perhaps the question should be, “How long is your cat’s attention span?” It was 8:28 AM  last Monday when I decided to photograph Foster’s “on the mantle” activities.e through h smallFrom my vantage point (read: recliner), I grabbed my phone and started snapping pictures every few seconds. Afterwards I was amazed to see that he did all of this in a time span of merely five minutes.i through L smallI’ve always said that Foster has a short attention span. But if you have ever doubted me, these pictures should be all you need to prove my point.M thru P smallI will admit that I thought I might have to intervene when he got so close to the one remaining picture frame on my mantle, but he didn’t stay up there long…Q thru T smallYou can see by the clock that it was now 8:30.u through x smallSo now to see what happens next…y through end smallThere he goes, behind the heater into the (unused) fireplace. Now I know how his feet got so dirty!

But Mom, you say that like it’s a bad thing!