A Lot to Think About

Hi everyone, Foster here, with a post especially for all my furry friends in the “pet blogosphere”! (But if your humans want to read it, that’s okay too.) I’m just wondering if I’m the only pet whose human regularly says things that don’t make any sense.

on new shelfHere I am on my newest windowsill shelf.  Mom likes this picture a lot because she says I look so thoughtful and intelligent. But I admit I must not be that intelligent because, although I do understand “people language”, there are some things she says that I just don’t get.denFor example, whenever Mom gets home, I’m usually in my “den” in the front living room. So she comes in through the garage, and the first thing she always calls out is “Foster! Where’s Mama’s baby boy?”  I always wonder: Who is this baby boy and what makes her think I would know where he is?your point isWhen she comes in and sees me, it seems like she gets sidetracked and forgets all about looking for the aforementioned “baby boy”. Then one of the first things she says to me is “Did you miss Mom?”wants to play Well of course I’m going to say yes, because after a year and a half I do know how to stay on her good side! Then, when I stretch out on my back to greet her she scratches my tummy and says, “Are you sooo stretchy? Are you the stretchiest boy, or the second stretchiest boy?” (I’m thinking, Mom, I’m an inside cat. I have no clue how stretchy any other boys are. Like, how would I know that?) So then she picks me up and tickles my tummy and says “I got you, yes I do!” Okay, yeah…Foster in reclinerAt least once a day she asks me, “How did you get to be so cute?” to which she adds, “Did Jesus make you that cute just for Mom? I think He did!” So if she knows the answer to the question, why does she ask me the same thing every single day? looking upShe also has a habit of asking me “How did you get to be so soft?” But she always answers her own question, so that’s how I know Jesus made me this soft just for her too. Of course that almost always leads to “Are you the softest boy? Or the second softest boy?” Honestly, the things humans say! wake up featuredShe also regularly asks if I am the sleepiest boy, or the snuggliest boy. I can only assume that I must be, since most people agree that I am very snuggly when I am asleep!Panda in balloon cropped2Then she asks the age-old question, “Where’s Panda?” Now if you’ve been reading our blog for very long, you know THAT is a question almost nobody can answer at any given time. So why she asks me I will never know. (I mean c’mon, Mom, am I my panda’s keeper?)

So you can see there is a lot to think about in life.

on back Maybe if I think long enough I will figure out the mystery of human communication. If anyone has any suggestions be sure to let me know!


6 thoughts on “A Lot to Think About

  1. Foster, we’ve learned that when humans love their furry feline friends so much, they resort to these peculiar forms of communication. For some reason, it seems to provide them with a great deal of satisfaction. Instead of trying to understand their words, we’ve decided to enjoy the love and attention and treats that often follow.
    Your feline friends, Tiger & Benji

    1. Hmmm…that does make sense. I’ve noticed she even talks to Panda when she sees him in his various locations around the house. Humans are an interesting species! I like your advice about the attention and treats! Thanks, guys! 🐱🐼

  2. hello foster its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes for alledjedly big braynd kreetchers my hyoomans say all kinds of silly nonsense!!! like they ar always asking the hipster kitties if they ar kitties and they ar always asking me if i am a gud boy wel duh of korse the hipster kitties ar kitties its rite in their naym and of korse i am a gud boy i meen wot else wood i be??? ok bye

    1. Hi Dennis! Thanks for the comment! Yes these humans say the strangest things! Mom asks me if I’m being a good boy all the time too. Seems like they would know by now, huh! Say hi to the Hipster Kitties for me!
      Your friend, Foster🐱🐼

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