Mice in the Hallway

Do you have mice in your hallway? If so, this post will tell you what to do about them.

lost-in-the-house-featured-imageYou may remember this as the featured image from “Lost in the House”, from way back in December of 2016. Well, here’s the latest update on the catnip mice.mouse meeting 2I admit to arranging these mice for the photo (which I entitled “Mouse Meeting”). I wanted to see how long they would stay that way, because the odds of them being there the next time I walked by were slim. looking under doorThat’s because a certain cat has invented a new game. It’s called “Push all the mice under the guest room door and then try to get them out again.” And if I’m around to get them out for him, the game can go on indefinately.mice 6Once in awhile he manages to get them back out again. Other times he bats them so far into the room that he can’t reach them.

These bottom two pictures may appear to be rotated the wrong way, but you are actually looking down at Foster with his feet up against the sewing room door, which is just to the right of the guest room door. mice 1You really can’t have enough catnip mice!mouse under doorToday I got the idea to see what this whole thing looks like from inside the guest room. What made it even more fun was that from in there, I could push the mice back out to him. paw under door

paw under door 2Just a little farther…mouse by door frameSo close and yet so far away!mouse under bedAnother one bites the dust!paw movingThe paw is quicker than the eye. mice 5Get ready for Round Two!

If all else fails, try to open the door by yourself! (It just might work.)on top of bunk

Or you could just take a break and chill on the top bunk!

top bunkThis mouse hunting is hard work!