ABC Animals Part 3

It’s time for ABC Animals, Part 3!

As it turns out, I haven’t been working on my ABC animals art journal too much lately. That’s why I am only up to the letter M. But at least I have four new animals to show you: J, K, L, and M.jellyfish 2At the end of ABC Animals Part 2, I mentioned that “J” was going to be for “Jellyfish”. That’s if jellyfish even are animals. (As opposed to being fish or something.) For this one I used a combination of my favorite Sakura Moonlight gel pens, a black felt pen and colored pencils. I still can’t quite get used to mixing the different types of media in one drawing…koala I looked up pictures of koalas and realized that I was going to have problems making my drawing look “real”, so I opted for a crochet koala I found on Pinterest. The idea of making the title look like yarn was to let the viewer know it was supposed to be a crafted koala and not a real one. (In case anyone needed clarification.)

llamaBack in my “element” for Llama, done entirely with the moonlight gel pens (not counting the black outlines, which are done with a regular black gel pen). As a Spanish teacher I always think of the letters “LL” and “CH” as single letters. They do each take up only one Scrabble tile if you are playing in Spanish, but anyway.marmotI wasn’t even sure what a marmot was, but I knew it started with “M”, so I looked it up and found out that it kind of looks like a prairie dog. Click here to learn about marmots and to see the photo that gave me the idea for the drawing. The picture was from Wikipedia and the photographer’s name is “Inklein”.

So there you have it, all the way up to the letter “M”.

abc listAccording to the original list, K was supposed to be “kangaroo”, there was nothing for L, and M was supposed to be “mouse. After that I only have “snail” and “zebra”. Guess I’d better get out the dictionary…