2-Year Vet Visit

I should have known something was up when Mom brought the cat carrier in from the garage…

looking inI seem to remember telling you after my one-year vet visit, that if your human leaves your carrier open you probably should not just walk in. So this time I proceeded much more cautiously.looking in carrierSomething is suspicious about this…nopeUmm…nope!will he climb inKnowing I like to climb into the sewing room wastepaper basket, Mom tried this. She put catnip spray on Panda and dropped him in there, but I didn’t fall for her tricks!carrier 1Okay, don’t laugh. She picked me up and put me in feet first so I really didn’t have much choice.  There we were, locked up like a couple of common criminals! Such indignity!symmetryAfter an interminable amount of time in the car (Mom says it was like 5 minutes but I beg to differ), we arrived at the vet’s. Of course while I was still in the car, she had to take about three pictures of me until she got my eyes and nose in just the right spots! This is one of the problems associated with your human having a blog. Most of the time it’s great, but sometimes you’d really rather they’d stop taking pictures and get with the program.looking around 2We were in the waiting room for quite awhile, and Mom chatted with a super nice lady who had brought in a feral cat with an abscess. They were talking about all kinds of things, and Mom even showed her some of our blog posts about my adventures with Panda. So the time went by quickly, and soon it was our turn to go in.how could you do thisThe first thing I did when I got out of the carrier was ask Panda how he could have allowed Mom to spray him with catnip. “Dude,” Panda replied, “I’m not the one who wouldn’t get in the carrier. This is all your fault, you know!”looking at poster“Well,” I said, “we might as well make the best of it. I wonder what this poster is about.” Panda did his best to see from where he was. “Don’t get too close,” he admonished. “Remember what happened with the arpillera in the living room!”  “I think it’s about dogs anyway,” I replied. “The cat one is over there.” We looked toward the other side of the room.poster at vet“Wow” exclaimed Panda. “Is that what you look like inside?” I shrugged. “I guess so,” I answered. “You probably look like that inside too.” Panda laughed. “Um…no,” he said. “I have stuffing inside, remember? That’s why I have to wear these fatigues.”standing up“Oh right, I forgot about that,” I said. “Well I’m going to have a look around.”looking aroundSomehow this room wasn’t as interesting as the ones we’ve been in on our other visits. Usually I like to climb on the counters and the sink at the vet, but this time I decided to wait patiently under the bench.under benchOne thing about Mom, she has no problem getting down on the floor to take pictures if it’s for the blog. But, as she will tell you herself, her problem is getting back up again, especially since she just turned 60!peeking outWhen the vet came in, I did have to come out and face the music.checkingThis is when she was squeezing me. The indignity!vet 1This is when she was squeezing me even more. I behaved very well, but I did hiss once or twice. (Which is something I almost never do, I might add.) She told Mom I weigh 11.4 pounds, and that I am just starting to get an ever so teeny bit “chunky”. The vet wasn’t worried about it, since she said I am a big cat so I can carry a little bit of extra weight, but when I reach middle age I’ll have to watch it. coatYou can kind of see my “chunkiness” in this picture. But Mom took it because she liked the way my coat looks. I really am mostly fur though.  But I’m afraid Mom might be cutting back on some of my food dish refills now…hidingWhile we waited for the lady who gives you your shots, I discovered that I could still fit in the usual cat hiding place. That was a relief!sitting on carrierAfter my checkup and shots, it was time to come back home. I expressed my dominion over the carrier by sitting on top of it as soon as possible.in canon boxThen I checked out the new box I got when Mom bought a new printer a couple of weeks ago. Yep, I still fit! I really am mostly fur. Plus I am a big kitty. The vet did say I can carry a little extra weight.

It must be my Maine Coon genes.

covering eyesI’ll think about it tomorrow!