Inktober, Finished!

Yay! Inktober is done!

Inktober listYes, I know it’s November, but at least I finished my drawings on the first, so it may still have been October 31 somewhere in the world… joltSo I only had three left to go when I posted “Inktober, Part 2”. The words were “double”, “jolt”, and “slice”. For “double” I thought of cats. What could be better than one cat? Two cats, of course! Then why do I only have one cat, you may ask? The answer is simple: I’m selfish and I don’t want to share Foster’s “devotion” with anyone else. And since he has shown no indication of being bored or lonely, I’m pretty sure he’s fine with it, too. If that changes you’ll read about it here first. “Jolt” was easy, since it’s a reference to Foster and Panda’s adventure in “Area 51.”sliceFor “slice” I went back to my high school teaching days, when I had a student named Joel who was from Puerto Rico. He was in my Spanish class, but looking back, now he would have been an English learner too. One day he asked me which phrase was correct, “piece of cake” or “piece of pie”. I said it was “piece of cake”, but that we sometimes do say “easy as pie”. He said, “Oh, they were telling me it was piece of pie.” Even though that was before I had started teaching English learner classes, I didn’t think it was very nice of the other kids to tell him that. If you want to know more about my English learners, you can read “Fish in Progress” or “Just This For All”

So, once again, “Yay!” I’m done with Inktober, 2018!

foster on deskDo I want to do Inktober, 2019? Well, it was fun but I didn’t stay up with it very well. Maybe if I start now…