Foster and Panda in Print!

So this is how it happened…

Foster and Panda bookThis is my third year being retired from teaching in public school, so I thought it might be time to do some volunteering. That’s why, two days a week, I’ve been working one-on-one with several students at my church’s Christian school. Primarily they read to me, and I help them with vocabulary and sounding out words.three storiesI’d had a few requests for a written version of the Foster and Panda stories, and had gradually been copying and pasting the text and the photos from the blog posts onto PowerPoint slides. I printed out several stories and started having my Christian school students read them aloud to me. vol 1 and 2Before I knew it, enthusiasm for Foster and Panda’s adventures had caught on throughout the elementary grades. Students now regularly ask “How’s Foster?” or “What’s Foster doing?” when they see me. The school librarian asked if I could make a binder that she could let the kids check out and take home to read. The “books” are still in the beginning stages, but we now have “Volumes 1 and 2” 2I had hundreds of plastic sheet protectors because I used them for practically everything when I was teaching. And teachers, especially those “raised by Swedes”, never throw anything away, even if it’s been three years since they’ve used it. They came in very handy for making our volumes a little more “kid-proof”. Panda at schoolIn April, I even had the opportunity to read some of the stories to the first and second grade class. As an added bonus, Panda came along to meet the class. (Foster, being the more cautious of the two, decided to take the safe route and stay home.) getting copies

Another story, hot off the press!

11 thoughts on “Foster and Panda in Print!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m still figuring out some of it. I didn’t realize there were so many steps to getting an online “store” up and running. Zazzle does everything for you except design the products, so this is a lot different…🤔

    1. Aww thanks guys! We don’t know what all the fuss is about, Mom never seems to know when we’re gone on our adventures, so no telling where these books are coming from!🐱🐼😀

  1. Wow!! How awesome the kids like reading your stories! And yay for you to volunteer!! ❤️😍 I’m not very computer savvy so I applaud you on figuring it out! 👍🎨

    1. That is an awesome idea!! I did something like that several years ago with just regular artwork, but I don’t think it had occurred to me for the Foster and Panda stories! Thanks for your input! 😀

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