The Wonderful World of Color(ing)

Who wants to color?

green pencilI know I do! Except that we cats don’t have opposable thumbs, so I can’t hold the colored pencils that well. But for those of you who do, we have some new coloring pages for you. Plus, Mom made them into Word documents that you can download and print out for free!coloring basic training

In April, when Mom spent two days as the “substitute teacher” for her friend’s first and second grade class, she brought in some coloring pages and read them some of the corresponding stories.  As you can see we were met with a high level of enthusiasm by all.

As you may remember from “Foster and Panda in Print!”, Panda made it to school, but I decided to stay home and take care of the “tech” end of things.

It seems kids everywhere enjoy our coloring pages!

Now that there are two new stories, “Penguins’ Progress” and “Undercover Panda”, we also have some color pages to go with them. If you click the links below you will be able to download and print these, along with the two for “The Dark and Stormy Night”.

On Skyfari Tram

Seeing Penguins

Foster in Bamboo

In Trees

Stormy Night 1

Stormy Night 2

Hope you like them, and have fun coloring!Green colored pencilAh well, maybe someday…

8 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Color(ing)

    1. Lol yes, it started when I figured out that if you step on certain buttons a piece of paper will come out! The rest was easy! 🐱Also we’re glad you like our color pages! 😀

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