Don’t Sweat It

I might have known…

overalls offI might have known something was up when, once again, I found myself in the sewing room and heard Mom saying “Hmm…how should I do this?”

You may have noticed that I’ve had several different outfits since my stuffing started coming out last year. I’m sure you also know by now that Foster and I enjoy “roughhousing”, and while Mom never allowed it in her classroom, she totally lets us play as rough as we want.

The first clothes Mom made for me were my fatigues, and you can see how she made them in “Adventure Awaits”. They were perfect for when I went to Basic Training, and held up for quite awhile. But eventually they started getting too worn out, so she made me my overalls.

These were great for when we went to Sweden to find the Peterson’s farm, and then she made me a sweater and hat, which I wore on our trip to the Swiss Alps.overalls wornBut finally they, too, began to get worn out. If you notice, my stuffing was even coming out again. So Mom started tossing around ideas for a new outfit for me.doll pantsWhile looking through her fabric in the sewing room, she found this little pair of pants that actually goes with a baby doll. Such indignity! But they did fit perfectly, so the next thing I knew…pants outlineShe found a knit top she was only saving for the fabric, and and she said she thought it would make the perfect sweat suit.speak to meSure enough, the sweatpants fit great! Foster watched the whole process with some concern. I'll save you“Don’t worry!” he said encouragingly. “I’ll save you!” But Mom said we couldn’t play until she was done with the whole outfit.look at fanSo he had to content himself with watching the ceiling fan, and eventually went into the front living room to take a nap.hoodieAfter what seemed like forever, Mom finally finished my hoodie. Then she had to decide if I should wear my sweats tucked in or tucked out.umm noUmm…no.much betterAhh, much better!both on chairBefore I knew it, Mom had put me in Foster’s chair with him. I was glad to know my new outfit met with my friend’s approval.

But the next day, she decided my hoodie really had to have a pocket. She really likes being able to edit photos on her iPhone, and this looked perfect to her. on bedThat afternoon we hung out with Mom in the guest room while she worked on her new “elephant motif” decorations. Foster inspected the changes in my hoodie carefully. “Is that a real pocket?” he asked, to which I replied that yes, it was, and no, I did not have any cat treats in it at the moment. in guest room“Bummer,” Foster responded. “We’ll have to ask Mom to put some in there for us in case we get hungry on our next adventure.”playing“That or some delicious bamboo,” I replied, as Foster flipped me over for a wrestling match. elephant pics

Looks pretty good, Mom!


10 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat It

  1. Lulu: “Panda! You look like Obi Wan Kenobi in your hoodie!”
    Charlee: “Hmm, Dada has a few clothes-wearing stuffies in his office, too. I wonder if they also had a problem with hanging onto their stuffing.”
    Chaplin: “If Dennis ever got hold of them, they would have, that’s for sure.”

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