3-Year Vet Visit

“Dude, seriously?”

Panda in chairFoster’s voice sounded betrayed as he looked up at me. “It’s not my fault,” I replied from where Mom had put me on the chair in the vet’s office. “I’m not the one who has to get shots.”no postersFoster sniffed and looked around. “No posters in here,” he observed, and I remembered that the last time we’d been here, there had been a couple of nice posters on the wall in the exam room.in carrierJust a little while before, Mom had packed us both into the cat carrier and put us in the back of the car. As usual, Foster tried looking out, and Mom had to take a picture for what she calls “blog material”.waiting roomSoon we found ourselves in the waiting room at the vet, and it wasn’t long before we were ushered into the exam room. Mom said she thought it was the same room where Foster had his very first vet visit with Dr. Duran, 3 years ago. We were excited to see her again. panda on chair“Well, keep your eyes open for Dr. Duran,” Foster instructed. “I’m going to check the place out.”

I have to say Foster has gotten a lot taller than he was last time we were here.sink“There’s no water in the sink,” he reported from the counter. “Maybe we should tell Dr. Duran to get a cat fountain for next time.”chair“Don’t get stuck under there, Bro,” I cautioned as Foster peeked out at Mom from under a chair. “I’m just making sure Mom is still here,” came the reply.

Then there was the usual kitty hiding place, which apparently every exam room has. “Okay, I’m good here,” he stated, blinking his eyes at Mom. Pretty soon, though, the doctor came in and Mom had to coax him out.

I guess Foster was feeling shy, because at first he didn’t want to get up on the examining table. Dr. Duran was very patient and eventually she won him over.Dr Duran 3She said he was doing great and that Mom was taking really good care of him. Both Mom and I were pleased to hear that. He weights 12.5 pounds, so he’s gained about one pound since last year. Mom mentioned that he occasionally snores, but Dr. Duran listened to his heart and lungs and said everything sounds fine, so we’re not going to worry about it. shots 1Since Mom was telling everyone about our blog, and how we always do a post about Foster’s vet visits, the doctor volunteered to take me to the back so she could take pictures when they gave him his shots. “Okay, Foster,” I said as they set me down beside him on the counter. “This wasn’t part of the bargain!” Foster’s eyes grew wide. “Sorry, Bro,” he said, as we noticed there were two shot needles instead of one. “I didn’t think you were getting a shot, too.”shots 2To my relief both shots turned out to be for Foster. I guess we pandas are immune to the usual cat germs. “This won’t hurt a bit,” said the veterinary tech. Before we knew it, we were all done!shots 3When she brought us back to Mom in the exam room, Dr. Duran said Foster was so good for his shots! I figured it was because I was there for moral support. on way homeI have to say, it was easier to get Foster into the cat carrier now that he knew we were on our way home than it was when Mom put us in to take us to our appointment.on ipadMom has this thing about “quiet time” in the afternoons, so when we got home we all jumped up on the bed, where Foster decided to lie right on top of Mom’s iPad…nap…which kind of reminded her of when he was a baby and he was smaller than her Kindle.with panda 2As a matter of fact, he was once smaller than me, too! Who would have ever thought?

8 thoughts on “3-Year Vet Visit

  1. Charlee: “Wow, Foster, this adventure was too much even for our Dada!”
    Chaplin: “Yeah when it got to the pictures of the needles he kind of squeaked a little and ran away.”
    Charlee: “We had to finish reading the story without him!”

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