Asleep in the Sewing Room

It’s not easy to sleep in the sewing room…

asleep in watebasketBut I do try my best.messyYou may already know that our sewing room is in a constant state of change. That’s because Mom is always trying to organize and straighten it up, and then she decides to make something, or somebody gives her a huge bag of fabric, and she has to start all over again. So in between naps, I try to help out as much as I can.

Whenever she’s sewing I make sure she has all her supplies ready.

If she needs me to find anything, I usually know right where to look.

I do have to say it is kind of hard to help when you’re easily distracted.

There are always so many things to look at in the sewing room. I’m glad Mom has the shredder in there because it’s the perfect height for me to see the top of the ironing board. I love when we get new fabric because it always looks so nice folded up on the table. I don’t have to tell you it won’t stay that way for long!

Those are Daddy’s suit coats next to my shelf in the closet. Mom says she’s going to keep them for as long as she wants, no matter how long that is. I only know Daddy from pictures, but Mom says we would have liked each other a lot. You can read about him here. I can’t say for sure, but those felt hearts disappeared and I think the woodland friends might have eaten them.woodland friendsDon’t let those innocent faces fool you for a minute!

So much to get into, so little time!

Hey, hangers! What? No, I’ve just been sitting here the whole time!

Sometimes I like to practice my Sphinx pose, in case I ever go to Egypt.

But eventually, you reach that place where you can’t keep your eyes open any longer. Fortunately there’s no shortage of places to snuggle up and catch a few “Z’s”

with pandaPanda says I’m really too big for this wastebasket now. cat litterFunny, I could always fit in it before!

12 thoughts on “Asleep in the Sewing Room

  1. I myself are not so into boxes, more like into spaces!
    Sometimes Humanmom can’t find me and keeps looking ’til I appear again MOL
    love the pics and you are an adventurous dude Foster 👍
    purrs Charlie

    1. Hi Charlie! It is funny when they can’t find us and we are indoor cats, so they know we “have to be in here somewhere!” I love boxes and the sewing room is the best place to find them in our house😀Foster

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