The Precarious Life of Panda

You may not have known this, but…

Panda on shelf at schoolI haven’t always lived with Mom and Foster. I was given to Mom by a student, years before she retired, so at first I lived in her classroom. Back when her English learner class raised $50 to “adopt” a baby panda from the San Diego Zoo, students started giving her all kinds of pandas. That’s me on the classroom shelf (the one on the right).trying to escapeAfter Mom retired from teaching, all of us pandas found ourselves in the guest room on the bed. I won’t lie and say we never tried to escape from the top bunk, but we didn’t get too far because Mom came in and thwarted our attempt.paw on pandaThen came the day I met my best friend, Foster. This was in August of 2016. We were best friends at first sight. Little did I know what a precarious life I was destined to lead from that day forward!

You probably know that I’ve done some pretty precarious things on my adventures, like when I jumped out of a plane at Basic Training, among other things. But what you’ll be surprised to know is that my life doesn’t get less precarious just because I’m not on an adventure.

To start with, it seems like I am always falling off of stuff, usually the bed! And when your mom has a blog, you can be sure she’ll take your picture before she rescues you from these precarious predicaments!on bed climbing upMom likes this picture because she says it looks like I was trying to climb back up on the bed by myself. What does she mean by “Looks like”? I thought I really was climbing up by myself!

It’s only fair to tell you that if you walk into our house at any given moment, there’s no telling where you’ll find me.

I’m just glad I’m too big to fit under the blue dresser, where most of Foster’s kitty toys eventually end up!

Foster loves to play on (and under) the trampoline. I guess it’s a good thing we make use of it, since Mom sure doesn’t…Panda on chairHow come the smallest one always has to sit in the middle?covering Panda's eyesHey wait! I can”t see!

Sometimes, as a result of my precarious lifestyle, I end up in the washing machine!panda smells freshBut I always smell so fresh and clean when I’m done!

If you’re new here, you might be curious about all my different outfits. Mom decided I needed clothes so my stuffing wouldn’t come out when we play rough around the house. The problem is, my clothes get messed up pretty quickly so then she has to make another outfit.

So far I’ve had fatigues, overalls, sweats, a sweater, and now, a plaid flannel shirt and jeans for the winter. I know what you’re thinking: Foster looks so innocent in all these photos. Well, stick around and you’re sure to find out the truth eventually!

I find that due to my precarious life, I also spend a considerable amount on time in doorways. I guess you could say that sometimes I don’t know whether I’m coming or going!slee[pingBut my favorite place to spend time is anywhere with my best friend!


7 thoughts on “The Precarious Life of Panda

  1. Great to hear from you Panda! What a super reminder of all those adventures you and Foster have had. I always look forward to reading about them… and here’s too many more ๐Ÿ™‚

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