Social Distancing With Foster and Panda

“Hey, stay on your own side of the bed!”

distance 1“It’s cool, Bro,” I responded to Panda’s somewhat irritable request. “Mom said it’s okay for us to be together. We just can’t go outside, that’s all.”Panda maskPanda eyed me cautiously. “Well we don’t go outside anyway,” he responded. “But I heard we were supposed to be social distancing.”trust me“Dude, trust me on this,” I said in my most authoritative and calming voice. “Mom’s the one who is social distancing, not us. It’s only for humans. Would I lie to you?”trust me 2Panda mumbled something I could’t quite understand, so I continued. “Haven’t you noticed Mom has been home all the time lately? She hasn’t even gone out to the thrift stores or the craft stores for like three weeks.”in a box“Good thing for her you can get mosaic tiles online!”looking at mom recliner“And surely you’ve noticed how much time she’s been spending in her recliner, working on her blog or doing jigsaw puzzles on her iPad?”in shredding boxPanda nodded in recognition. “Oh, yeah, you’re right,” he agreed. “So is that why she has all these projects going, like shredding stuff and trying to clean up the sewing room?”light on fur“Yep,” I replied. “But the thing is, as soon as she decides to do something, like clean off her desk, she gets sidetracked taking pictures of me. See how pretty the sunlight looks on my fur?”mom cookingPanda laughed. “Then the other day she actually decided to cook,” he said. “That’s something we don’t see too often!”cooking 2“Seriously!” I agreed. “I knew I’d better supervise that one.” Panda nodded. “But those chicken tostadas looked pretty good to me,” was his reply.waking up momI had to agree with him on that one. “Plus lately I have to stare at her in the morning to let her know it’s time to get up,” I remarked. “Even though she’s retired, she still used to get up earlier than she does now.” drawer2“That’s true,” Panda concurred. “At least you’ve been helping her organize the desk drawers. And she did finally finish the sea animals mosaic!”Foster with tiles“Yeah,” I replied with a sigh of relief. “I’m glad that project is finally over with!” coffee“I notice she’s been making coffee a lot, too,” Panda added. “Now that she has her new Keurig that matches the kitchen. Hey, is that us on that coffee cup?”you've got this mug“Oh that’s right,” I said. “Didn’t you know? She made it on Zazzle  with a picture from when we flew that plane out of Area 51. As a matter of fact, it’s available online in her Zazzle store!” Panda was impressed. “Wow, that makes us kind of famous, doesn’t it?”sharing chair “I guess it does,” I replied as we jumped up onto our chair in the front living room. “But being famous doesn’t keep us from being bored. Let’s do something fun.”with ballFor awhile we played “Roll the Ball”, but we soon tired of the activity and adjourned to the sewing room.seeing squirrel“Dude, you spilled Mom’s buttons!” Panda exclaimed as he caught up with me. “What’s out there anyway?”squirrel“It’s a squirrel,”  I replied. “Can you see him? He’s up in the persimmon tree!” Panda sniffed.”Aww, that’s nothing,” he said. “If you’ve seen one squirrel, you’ve seen ’em all.”purple waste basket“And I suppose you’ve seen a lot of squirrels in your life?” I asked, feeling just a tiny bit miffed as jumped into my favorite wastepaper wastepaper basketBut Panda was undeterred. “Let’s play tackle!” he called out as he jumped in with me. “Hah! I got you!”  I struggled to get him off me. “You’re squishing me, Bro,” I protested. “Get out of the basket!”panda out“Okay, okay,” Panda responded, jumping out. “Well that was fun. What shall we do next?” “Let’s go look out the front window,” I suggested. Foster looking at rain 2Panda jumped up on the windowsill beside me. “Aw man, it’s raining,” he said, sounding disappointed. Then we looked at each other, and we both laughed. “We can’t go anywhere anyway,” I said, “and neither can Mom. So I guess the rain isn’t so bad after all.”  Suddenly Panda pointed in the direction of the street.rainbow“A rainbow!” we exclaimed in unison. We called Mom over and she took a picture with her phone, assuring us it was okay for her to step out onto the front porch just for a minute.

11 thoughts on “Social Distancing With Foster and Panda

  1. What is it with cats and boxes? At least Foster and Panda are keeping you (and us) amused 🙂
    We have a rainbow here today, too… pity we can’t go out and hunt for the gold.

    1. I know! That sounds like a possible adventure for “the guys”… trying to find the end of the rainbow. They could then learn a science lesson about rainbows🤔. I’m glad they’re able to spread cheer “throughout the world”

  2. Linda Payne

    So very cute. I am sitting at the computer yelling at my 15 year old Chi. because she barks until I go get in the bed with her or tell her to go to bed loud and mean. Well there she goes. I headed that way soon. Time to get off the computer. Maggie go to Bed!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey guys! Mom was looking at her WordPress admin page and she found your comments in the spam😱 Don’t know how that happened but we definitely had to get you out of there! Funny about humans and coffee, isn’t it? Take care,
      Foster and Panda

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