A Special Report

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Hello, everyone, this is Foster reporting from our newsroom here in Fresno, California. As you know, the world has changed a lot in the past few weeks, and we’ve sent our roving reporter, Panda, to see what’s going on. Panda, tell us what you’ve found out.a behind meThanks, Foster. As you can see behind me, the parking lot at this shopping center is practically deserted. There are hardly any people out walking around, which I’m told is unusual for a Sunday afternoon in April.a newsroom 2That’s amazing! I’ve heard that a lot of the places Mom and Aunt Gail like to go are closed now.a starbucksThat’s right, Foster. I’m here in front of Starbucks, where there is a sign on the door explaining that they are temporarily closed due to Social Distancing.a newsroom 5That’s a bit alarming! Does it say on the sign when they will open up again?a six feet apartNo, it doesn’t, but there are signs in several languages, reminding people to stay six feet apart. a bench 2There are benches you can sit on, but apparently most people have chosen to avoid them. a on benchAs you can see, I pretty much have the whole area to myself. The weather is great, and there are a lot of pretty flowers to look at.a newsroom 7Well, I’m glad the weather is good. For those of you just joining us, we are talking with Panda, who is live at Fig Garden Village, reporting on the current Social Distancing situation. Back to you, Panda.a flowers 2Thanks, Foster. I was able to enjoy these flowers, and again, I had the bench to myself.

I took the opportunity to enjoy as much sunshine as possible. There are so few people here that no one has paid any attention to me at all.a mask selfieOne thing I did notice was that the people you do see usually have on masks. I was fortunate enough to get a photo of these two nice ladies.a newsroom 10Wait! Isn’t that…uh…never mind. What about the restaurants?

Well, Foster, as you can see, the restaurants have put their outdoor tables and chairs away, but there are still a few that you can go in. But that’s just to order food and then you have to leave.a Panda on red lineThere are red lines to help people know where to stand when they are in line. At this bakery, I noticed the sign said only 10 people were allowed inside at a time.a newsroom 8Wow, Panda! That’s unbelievable! What about shopping? Are Mom and Aunt Gail’s favorite stores still open?

Yeah, Foster, that would be Bath & Body Works and Eddie Bauer. Like everything else deemed “non essential,” these stores are temporarily closed as well. I guess they will open when Social Distancing is over.

a newsroom 9 Well, Panda, thanks for the report. We’ll be looking forward to more information as it becomes available.a in carAll right, Foster. I’m in here in the car with Mom, on the way home. We’ll see you in a few minutes!

Author’s Note: Only one of the photos in this post is photo-shopped.  Can you guess which one?


13 thoughts on “A Special Report

  1. Great reporting guys! Panda out in the field and Foster as anchor man. Very incisive and illuminating. And no, I can’t detect any photo-shopping (which is about all the shopping we’re likely to do for a while) 😉
    Have a great day, y’all 🙂

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the report. You make a good point about the shopping, too. 😂 Well, I guess we all have to be patient and try to keep our sense of humor. Take care!😊😷

  2. Well done Foster and Panda. It is amazing how much has changed. However, it is important to stay safe and hopefully, this all will end on day soon. I was just thinking that it might be that once it is announced that lockdowns and such are over there might just be some people who’ll still remain at home just in case or will be afraid to go out anyway. This situation really messed everyone up. People here in Daytona Beach Florida venture out to go fishing at the Halifax River and the river has ducks so to stretch my legs I think this week I will go chasing the ducks around the river. Hope you and Foster and Panda have a great new week.

    1. Thanks! I have been thinking the exact same thing, about people not wanting to go out even when the restrictions are lifted. I didn’t know you were in Florida, somehow I missed that. I’m glad you can go to the river. Have fun chasing ducks and be safe! 😋🐥

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