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getting paper 2Thanks again for joining us in the Foster and Panda newsroom! This is Foster, and it looks like we’re receiving a transmission from our reporter, Panda, who is on location at Fig Garden Village here in Fresno! Let’s see what he has to say.a starbucks behindThanks, Foster! I’m here in front of Mom and Aunt Gail’s favorite Starbucks, and it’s now open, with some modifications. Let me show you what I mean.a starbucks reportIt appears you can do a mobile order, and they will come out and bring you your coffee. If you aren’t that “tech-savvy”, you can wait and they will let you in, one person at a time, to order and pay. Then you wait outside until they bring it to you.

a Foster on chairWow, Panda, that sounds like a lot of trouble for a cup of coffee! Were there a lot of people in line?a starbucks signYes, Foster, there were. Everyone had on a mask too. You can see the safety practices on this sign behind me. It seemed as if everyone was cheerful and willing to maintain a  polite social distance.a hand sanitizer 2Plus, as you can see, they have installed a lot of hand sanitizing stations, and one of them is near Starbucks. This nice lady helped me out because it was way too high for me to reach.a Foster expressionWell, that was nice of her. I guess Mom and Aunt Gail are glad they can at least go for coffee. Have they put the outside tables back up yet?a no tablesNo, Foster, most of the outdoor seating is still unavailable. The area behind me is usually filled with tables. People used to come here to meet their friends and enjoy a nice morning together.Foster and ballThat’s too bad. I noticed you didn’t have your mask on just now. What are the rules on mask wearing? a walkwayAccording to the shoppers I spoke with today, if you are around a lot of people or inside a public building, you are supposed to have one on. a in front of bakeryYou can take it off sometimes, but just make sure you have it handy. The stores and restaurants won’t let you in without one.a Foster paws crossedWell, at least you can take them off sometimes. What about the shops? Have Mom and Aunt Gail’s favorite stores opened up yet?a sitting on windowNo, they haven’t. Some of the stores are open, but not the ones they like best. I’m sitting on the window ledge here at Bath and Body Works, and they are still closed. I guess if Mom and Aunt Gail really want to, they could always order something online.  a on bedYes, you’re right about that, Panda. Wait…Panda? Are you there? Do you copy? I can’t hear you!a technical 2Oh, heh-heh, it looks like we are experiencing some technical difficulties. There, I think it’s fixed now. Panda can you hear me now?a price gougingYes, Foster, I can hear you loud and clear. I just noticed these signs on the window of CVS. They are in four languages, so I know Mom would like them. I’m not sure what they mean by “price gouging”, but it doesn’t sound very nice. I guess it’s a good thing it’s illegal.a on trunkHmm, we’ll have to look it up when you get back. So which other businesses are open?a seeing jacksWell it looks like this cafe might be open. Let’s go take a look! a Jacks openIf you remember, in my last report I showed you how the outdoor seating here had been put away. Now it looks as if some of the tables have been put back.a foster in basketThat’s encouraging! Maybe things will get back to normal soon.a fountain 1Let’s hope so, Foster. I noticed there’s no water in the fountain, though. Not sure what that has to do with Social Distancing but anyway.
a behind signAt least ice cream place is open. They only let four people in at a time, and, like Starbucks, you can see they are encouraging people to order online.a ice cream with GailSome nice ladies invited me to have some ice cream with them, so I took them up on the offer. It was delicious!a Selfie Two UseAnd the best part was that the same nice ladies let me take a selfie with them before we left!a Foster newsWait, isn’t that…um…never mind. I must be seeing things! Okay…this has been a live Social Distancing update with Foster and Panda. Please join us again for more news as  information becomes available!


10 thoughts on “Social Distancing Update

  1. Thanks Foster and Panda, Humanmom says here in The Netherlands masks must be worn in the public transportation from 1. June.
    I’m glad Annie and I don’t have to go on the bus MOL
    Hugs from Charlie

  2. Great to hear from you Foster and Panda with another tip-top report! Our lockdown, here in South Africa, eased a little bit in May and some shops have begun to open. Face masks are compulsory everywhere outside the home and travel is very restricted We’re waiting for an announcement from our President tonight where he’ll explain what might be allowed from the beginning of June, but we already know that cafes and restaurant will still be closed.At least the bookstores are open now!
    Stay safe x

    1. Wow! Good thing the bookstores are open! Aunt Gail is glad that the libraries are finally open here! Mom is still undecided as to how much she should be out and about. 😬 so that’s why we did this update for her😊🐱🐼

  3. Thank you for the updater Foster and Panda. I am hoping that soon things do get back to normal. Our beach here in Daytona Beach Florida is open again but they are watching people to make sure it doesn’t get too crowded.I hope you have a nice Memorial Day tomorrow.

  4. Thanks Foster and Panda for the update!! We particularly enjoyed Foster’s lively expressions and Panda’s good reporting! I’m happy to hear your mom and aunt can get their favorite Starbucks drinks as humans are much easier to live with when they get enough caffeine. Sue can’t live without hers but usually gets her flat white using the drive-thru, then she doesn’t have to wear a mask! ~ Tiger and Benji

    1. Hi guys! Glad you liked the news report! Yes, Mom went for 7 weeks without going to Starbucks but finally decided it would be safe to go through the drive through😋 But she does like getting coffee and then sitting outside at the nice shady tables which are gone now. Mom gets the flat white sometimes too! Great minds must think alike!
      Foster and Panda 🐱🐼

  5. Lulu: “Hmm, I wonder if I can order ice cream online and get it delivered …”
    Charlee: “It would probably melt before it got here.”
    Lulu: “That’s okay! I can still lap it up from my bowl!”

    1. Now that is a good idea, guys! And you could probably get free shipping with Amazon Prime! But that part about melting on the way? Definitely going to happen here in Fresno! 🐱🐼

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