Tech Savvy

“So how’s our news update doing on the blog?”

a blog on laptopPuzzled, I scrutinized the screen before answering Panda’s question. “Well,” I replied, we’ve had quite a few views, and several ‘likes’ from our blog friends.”a blog on laptop4“That’s cool,” Panda replied. “Did anyone leave a comment?” I frowned at the laptop screen. “No, I replied. “That’s pretty  unusual. We almost always hear from Sue, Tiger and Benji at Cats and Trails and Garden Tales.a thinking with Panda (3)We decided to adjourn to Quiet Time to think more about the mystery.  “Chris from Luna’s Online in South Africa hasn’t responded either. We almost always hear from her,”‘ Panda said thoughtfully. “Do you think everyone has been too busy?”a thinking (2)“That could be,” I replied. “But it’s quite a coincidence, don’t you think? What about RasmaSandra and The Oceanside Animals?” Panda considered before responding. “Charlee, Chaplin, and Lulu don’t seem to have seen it yet. And maybe RasmaSandra is busy just like Sue and Chris.”napping after trip“Well,” I said, yawning. “Let’s sleep on it. Maybe we can figure it out when we wake up.”a biting footWhen I woke up, I was thinking about the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot from Mom’s Agatha Christie audio books. To use his “little gray cells”, he used to build houses out of cards. I do my best thinking when biting my foot. Suddenly I had the answer!a answer“Panda!” I exclaimed. “Wake up! I know what we did wrong!”a blog on laptopTogether we jumped up and ran back to the computer. We had forgotten to enable the comments on our post! Quickly we went in and fixed the problem. a got it

I guess we aren’t as “tech savvy” as we thought we were!

15 thoughts on “Tech Savvy

  1. I thought it was strange that the comment box wasn’t available on your last news report from the field. Tiger, Benji and I wanted to comment on the cute facemasks you all were wearing! 🙂 🙂 Susanne
    P.S. That use to happen to me when I created a post on my phone. The default seemed to be to NOT enable the comments box. I think it was a bug as it doesn’t seem to happen anymore. On my PC it’s always enabled.

    1. When I first started my blog I never had the comments enabled, but now that I have been keeping them open consistently, I have really enjoyed all the little conversations with my blogging friends. I didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t want to hear their reactions. Thanks for your comments!🙂

      1. I enjoy having the comments too. It makes us more of a community. And the spam filter keeps away anything strange. I have my blog set to enable comments as the default for all my posts. That’s why I think the phone app had a bug, as it seemed to default comments not enabled. I think that’s been fixed now.

      2. Hmm… I’ll have to go back and check my settings because so far I’ve always had to enable comments manually. That would be cool to have it on default. Thanks for the info👍

  2. Ah-ha mystery solved! I too got to the end of yesterday’s report, ready with a comment and… no box! And then another post again so soon… what was going on? And now I know.
    Comments really make the whole blogging experience, don’t they?

    So, once again, congratulations on another incisive on-the-spot report from Panda, together with a great job as anchorman from Foster back in the studio! Side note: I wish our hairdressers would open (says madly-hatted of Cape Town).

    Incidentally, I have comments auto-enabled from my settings. I can’t remember how I did it, but it can’t be difficult 😉

    1. Yay! I’m glad you got to leave a comment after all! My sister and I thought I could remedy the situation if I addressed it right away and so it looks like it worked😀 Panda and Foster are glad you liked their report.

      I will have to look in my settings and figure that out. Comments do make blogging fun—it’s kind of like having “pen pals” from all over the world, isn’t it? 😊🐱🐼

      1. True😊
        I believe she’s proud to be of the Old-School-Graphic-Designer-Generation 😉
        she just keeps telling us she learned her trade on an old wooden designtable 😂
        huggs Annie & Charlie

  3. Lulu: “Don’t feel bad! A week or two ago Dada accidentally made our Sunday post into a two-page post with tiny little page numbers at the bottom, so most everybody only saw the first picture and none of the others. He had to post an update later on too to let everyone know there was more they might have missed!”

  4. jarilissima

    Hahaha That last photo is adorable! 😀 My cats used to watch bird videos on YouTube, have you ever tried that with your kitties?

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