International Panda Day

“International what??”

looking aroundPanda was busy looking at Mom’s laptop. I turned quickly when I heard him talking to himself as he scrolled attentively through various international maps and images.
1 Panda looking at computer“International Panda Day!” he responded to my startled question, as he continued to scroll. “I think there should be an International Panda Day, don’t you?”ice coffee“Is this your ice coffee?” I asked, after jumping down to join him on Mom’s desk. “No,” Panda replied, without taking his eyes from the computer screen. “Mom left it there from when she was scanning old photos and working on her blog.”chair“You’re not using this chair, are you?” I asked, somewhat rhetorically. “So what’s all this about International Panda Day?”panda search“Well,” Panda explained. “I got a text from Benji today and he said August 8 was International Cat Day. Susanne even did a post about it on Cats and Trails and Garden Tales for him and Tiger! So I thought there should be an International Panda Day too. I’m searching online to see if there already is one, or if I’m going to have to be the one to start it.” “Hmm,” I said thoughtfully. “Can you even do that?”with Karens purse“Dude, pay attention!” Panda sounded a bit irritated as I jumped up onto the recliner. “I think Mom’s friend Karen left her purse over here,” I replied. “Go on, I’m listening.”awareness day“Okay so I Googled ‘How to start an International Day’,” Panda said. “It looked a little complicated, so I decided to Google ‘How to start an International Panda Day’.”panda day 2020“That’s when I clicked on this link and found out there is already a National Panda Day.”looking out of drawer“That’s cool,” I said from where I was inspecting the desk drawer. “But that says National, not International.” Panda sighed. “Yeah, I searched everywhere and I couldn’t find a definite international one. There’s an International Red Panda Day though.”in tree with red 2b“Well that’s good for our friend Red from the San Diego Zoo,” I remarked. “Hey, wasn’t it fun when we went undercover to find that lost baby panda at the zoo?” Panda agreed. “Hey,” he said, “let’s go in the front living room and see what Mom’s doing. All this computer work is giving me a headache.”stepping on photoI agreed, and together we went to the front living room, where Mom was working on her family history stuff. “I think she’s working on part two of her post The Rest is History,” I observed.  “Don’t step on the pictures, Bro,” was Panda’s reply. clean feet“Why not?” I asked. “My feet are clean!”

14 thoughts on “International Panda Day

  1. Charlee: “Hmm … Chaplin, are we pandas?”
    Chaplin: “I don’t think so. Why?”
    Charlee: “Well, pandas are black and white. And we’re black and white.”
    Chaplin: “Hmm, you may be on to something.”
    Lulu: “Are you two seriously trying to horn in on National Panda Day? National Cat Day was just last week!”
    Charlee: “Yes, but Dada didn’t do anything for us on National Cat Day.”
    Chaplin: “So maybe if we have two national days close together, he’ll remember one of them next time.”

    1. Panda: Well, who knows, Charlee and Caplin could be some of my long lost relatives!
      Foster: Dude, not every black and white animal is one of your long lost relatives!
      Panda: And I suppose you’re not related to raccoons even though you are a Maine coon cat?
      Foster: Hmm, this is getting complicated. Maybe we should study up on our family history…

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