Purple Flowers and More

I really wasn’t in the mood to go outside.

But I’m glad I did anyway. It was sunny after a day or two of rain, and I thought some Vitamin D was in order. I brought my phone out with me in case I saw anything I would want a picture of. Imagine my delight when I saw how well this purple plant was doing!

It was a gift from a friend, so I couldn’t let it meet the same fate as Sunny the Sunflower. I watered it pretty faithfully over the summer. It’s one thing if you buy your own plants and they bite the dust, but you don’t want to have to tell your friend that their money was spent in vain.

I tried to get a close up of the light shining through the petals. This is where you can really benefit by painting your sidewalk blue.

I was told it’s called Spanish lavender. Which I like because, well, Spanish, and lavender always reminds me of my grandpa Emil, who had lavender in his back yard when I was little.

Then I noticed the way the sunlight was shining through the iris leaves. These are golden bearded iris, and I can hardly wait until they are in bloom!

This was from a few days ago, when I decided to clean off my “mosaic table” on the patio. I even washed the dirt off the half-finished heart mosaic that’s been out there for probably a whole year. The blue and white pot is just there for looks, because I didn’t have a place for it in the house.

It was while I was sitting at my newly cleaned off table that I got the idea to start painting the other table. I got that one at my neighbor’s yard sale, and had originally imagined it painted bright yellow. But that didn’t happen, so I thought this would be a good way to use up some craft paint. I didn’t get too far that day, though, because it started getting dark. But it will be a good project for when the weather warms up.

Oh wait…did I just get a picture of Foster mixed up in my yard photos?

12 thoughts on “Purple Flowers and More

  1. I adore lavender! I can almost smell those photos. I had a similar Spanish one, but alas it was frazzled by the summer heat. Oddly the ‘English’ lavender is doing really well, but so am I, and I’m an English rose who loves the sun, so long as I wear sunscreen and a hat. 😉 That table’s going to look brilliant.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t even know there was any other kind of lavender besides English until my friend told me what mine was. And I can hardly wait to put more time into the table! 😀

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