Kitty Acne

Who would have ever thought?

I don’t mind telling you I have found this whole thing irritating, to say the least. As you can see by this pristine photo of my chin, I have never had kitty acne before. In fact, I had never heard of it until Mom started texting Aunt Gail, searching stuff online and taking pictures of my chin.

If this looks like a selfie, it is! Mom put her phone on selfie mode under my chin and hit the button a few times. She said that was the best she could do under the circumstances. When she saw that I had this little spot on my chin, of course she had to read up on it. Turns out, cats can get acne just like people, but for us it often looks like a spot of dirt on our chins. There are a few things that cause it, and some of the articles attributed it to poor grooming!

So you tell me. Does this look like the face of an improperly groomed cat? I think not, thank you. (To be fair, though, she also read that it’s hard for us cats to actually reach the bottom of our chins when grooming ourselves, so I guess I could live with that explanation.) If you want to read more about kitty acne, click the link to see one of the many articles Mom found in her Google search.

Another thing she read was that if we eat from plastic plates or bowls, we can get bacteria on our chins. This is because plastic is harder to clean than glass or stainless steel, and it may have tiny scratches where the bacteria can grow. Most articles said that simply getting rid of plastic can do the trick, so that was the first thing she did. This was my old plastic plate. Mom liked it because it looked good with my place mats, but my face was more important. Oh, the mouse in the water? If you are curious, you can always read about that here.

I guess it goes without saying that the next thing she did was go on Amazon and find something to treat it with. “Wipe your cat’s chin with these wipes, two to three times daily.” Even she knew that was not going to happen! She tried it twice, and based on my reaction, she decided to scratch that idea.

She decided that if it was difficult for cats to groom under our chins, maybe she should try brushing under my chin with my cat brush. Ahh, this is the life!

I even discovered that I can brush myself!

Being nice and brushed just makes you want to shake your head sometimes!

Through all of this, Mom kept examining my chin and taking photos. It seemed like it was gradually getting better. She read that unless kitty acne gets out of control, it often doesn’t hurt and may not even be noticed by the cat.

Okay Mom, enough with the photos already! You can hardly even see it now.

But, since she’s put so much effort into helping my kitty acne go away, I thought Mom deserved a little “thank you”. So I left her this message on one of my new, non-plastic plates. She thought it was so funny that she immediately took a picture, knowing it would make good “blog material”.

16 thoughts on “Kitty Acne

  1. No Foster, that’s not the picture of an improperly groomed cat. Its the handsome face of a gorgeous cat! Even so, I’m glad your little spot is going away and you’re feeling better!

  2. jarilissima

    I finally got around to sitting down and properly reading my favorite blogs, and this one made me laugh! I love the photos and the story 🙂 I think I’ve seen that back when I had cats. I bet that’s a hard spot for them to clean!

    Hahaha Take care 🙂

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