How to Draw People, Part 2

So who would have thought…

When I started this blog in 2016, it was mainly going to be art related. I was looking for a way to give my artwork an “online presence” so I could sell items on my Zazzle store.

I have to say that my top selling item isn’t my artwork after all, but the Vintage Sister Birthday card, which is made from a family photo. Above, you can see that it will come up if you search “Vintage Sister Birthday Card(s)”, which makes me pretty happy.

Every now and then someone buys a postcard or other item with one of my drawings on them. But we have sold 151 sister cards, which isn’t bad for someone who does next to no advertising. I think people like it because they can customize the card with their own photos. And because our cute photo grabs their attention!

But back to the blog.

One of my older posts that consistently gets views, is actually art related. You may have read it in 2017: “How to Draw People (When You Don’t Know How to Draw People)”. When I first started out, I was hesitant about having the comments enabled, but when I realized how much fun it was to interact with like-minded bloggers from all over the world, I began making the comments available. I got curious as to why this particular post should be getting views five years later, so a few months ago I went back and opened up the comments for it, even adding a note inviting readers to respond. So far, no one has.

Still, this post probably gets viewed at once or twice every couple of weeks. I have tried to “google” search terms that might bring people to it. It makes the most sense that the search terms would be something like “how to draw people”, but that is not the case. When you search that topic, my blog is nowhere to be found. But if you search “don’t know how to draw people”, and then my post will be the first thing that pops up.

Today I went into my WordPress stats and discovered that it is my top post in terms of views, after my “About” page, rivaled only by “A Closer Look: How to Draw Whimsical Insects” and “Half the Fun in Life”. I find all of this extremely interesting, but I don’t have an explanation for it. I found the insect post in a search of the term “whimsical insects”. A Bing search of “half the fun in life” pulled up my post as the second item, but nothing came up on Google. If you’ve never searched for your posts online, you might enjoy it. It’s fun to know what key words can lead people to your site.

And since it’s still an “art-related” blog, I’ll include some of my latest attempts at art, which mainly consist of practicing lettering techniques.

Just so you know, drawing banners might be more trouble than it’s worth. With mushrooms coming in as a close second.

It’s fun to practice lettering with scriptures, because not only are you creating cool art, but you’re encouraging yourself as well.

The same thing goes for uplifting songs. Here you will observe the Tracy method of drawing people and animals. (For tips on drawing animals, see “Pets in Space.”)

And, as always, the best way to draw people (when you don’t know how to draw people) is for them to be facing the other way.

So there’s your art lesson for the day. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it!

6 thoughts on “How to Draw People, Part 2

    1. Thanks Susanne! Zazzle is a fun site because anyone can go on and create their own items, even if you don’t have a “store” there. I’m glad you liked the Bible verse drawings! That is one of my favorite subjects for practicing different lettering “fonts”. 😀

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