Amazon Review #2

We all know how much I like looking out the bedroom window.

But little did I know that Mom had ordered a surprise for me from Amazon to make it that much easier to see outside!

Hmm…what could this be? Whatever it was, I knew right away that it was for me.

Oh yeah! I fit in this perfectly! For some unknown reason, Mom didn’t put all the pieces together that night, so I had to wait until the next day for the mystery to be solved.

I had a feeling it was a bed of some sort, and when Mom came into the front room in the morning, here I was.

Okay, I’m waiting. . .

Finally she got busy working on it. As usual I figured she would need my help, so I started out by supervising.

Okay, I think I know what this is going to be. Let’s just test it out first.

Did she really just say she didn’t need any help?

Okay then, I’ll just sit here and wait for it to be done.

What? You need this too?

I noticed Mom taking some general pictures of the construction process and I thought they were probably for the Amazon review I knew she was going to write later. It reminded me that she’s already done an Amazon review for my (first) water fountain back in 2018. If you want to read about that, see “Amazon Review”. There is a link in that post to the review itself. Plus some cute pictures of me, but I digress.

Yay! It was finally finished! It was a cat tree! Mom would have preferred not to have had the kitty litter container showing by the fireplace, but if she cropped it out, I would have been cropped out, too. And, after all, she does believe in “truth in blogging”. So she said we’d just have to deal with it.

She put it up in the corner of the bedroom. I have to say I enjoyed the scratching post, but it didn’t immediately dawn on me that the round part on top was the same round thing I had thought was a bed earlier. So as usual she put Panda up there to see what I would do.

“Thanks a lot, Bro,” Panda remarked after I reached up and knocked him onto the floor. But I still didn’t realize the top part was for me.

Finally she picked me up and put me up there. Okay, I get it now. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

It’s a great place to sit while surveying my territory, day or night.

Can I help you?

It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but as you know, that’s never bothered me before.

Mom thinks I look like a chipmunk in this one.

Mom says I look like a strange animal with small ears in the picture on the left. On the right, I discovered that you can brace your foot against the wall while washing your leg.

Unfortunately, there’s no room for Panda on my cat tree bed, but as long as he’s nearby, I’m happy.

Ahh! This is the life!

If you would like to read Mom’s Amazon review for this product, you can click here. (And, no, she does not receive any compensation from Amazon for this review. Just the satisfaction of knowing that lots of people will see my pictures.)

15 thoughts on “Amazon Review #2

  1. Linda

    A little early for Christmas but Foster will be able to watch the weather changing and enjoy the rain. Something else for Christmas I bet. Enjoy Foster.

  2. Eileen Johnson

    Hey Debbie. It cracked me up seeing Foster still sitting on the windowsill. Has he figured how to get up there by himself? Our grandkids would have had a good time playing with the boxes that the cat tree came in. Love, Eileen

  3. Charlee: “Nothing better than a room with a view, am I right?”
    Chaplin: “You’re right!”
    Lulu: “Wait, did somebody say ‘chipmunk’?”
    Charlee: “No chipmunks here, just a simile.”
    Lulu: “Oh well.”

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