Technical Difficulties

So. . .if you’re reading this on an actual computer or laptop…

. . .most likely you can see this photo of a slightly disgruntled cat, who is wondering why our blog seems to be a bit messed up. If you’re reading on a mobile device, you are probably seeing a little square where this photo should be. It’s a long story, but we’re working on it. Stay tuned for further developments. (Or just go over to your PC and everything will look fine.)

UPDATE: Apparently the photos are showing up on my laptop but not other people’s. Any ideas while I wait for tech support to get back to me?

4 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Lulu: “Technology! Our Dada works with it and he still says it’s amazing it functions at all sometimes.”
    Java Bean: “That’s hardly reassuring, Lulu!”
    Charlee: “We are on a computer so we can see the picture. We hope it’s straightened out on the mobile devices by now!”

    1. Foster: 🐱I’m glad you could see the pictures on your computer! Mom says she can see them on her phone now too, so it must be fixed!
      Panda: 🐼Mom was so stressed out that she even had to get some new vitamins!
      Foster: 🐱Those were M&Ms, dude!
      Panda: 🐼Well, whatever works!

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