The Way of Things

The way of things
“The Way of Things” June 2016
Scout 1
Scout,  January 2016

This topic isn’t so whimsical, but it is the way of things. Yesterday I had to have my 18 year old cat euthanized. We got her as a tiny kitten in July of 1998. Pets become like part of the family, but eventually even the best pets do “pass from the scene.” Due to her failing health I knew I was not doing her any favors by letting her suffer.

My husband Mark had a favorite phrase: “It’s just the way of things.” He said it often during his illness as we talked about end of life issues. I used to counter with “But I don’t like the way of things!” to which he would reply, “It’s part of life,” “it’s the way of things,”  “it’s been this way all through human history” and other such equally wise observations that at the time did not make me feel one bit better.

But now I find that a certain amount of comfort can be derived from those words. We may not like the idea of losing a loved one or a family pet, but it really is “the way of things”.