Bible Stories

Here are some scripture related drawings that I did during Mark’s chemo years. Because even though it’s not whimsical, scripture always makes you feel better!

Potters House

During an uncomfortable time in your life, you may feel like you are on the “potter’s wheel”…and you probably are. Over the course of our 5 year experience with cancer, chemotherapy, and ultimately home hospice and end of life,  I’m sure we were being molded and shaped by the Potter for His glory.

second potter's house

Darkness hideth not
Night time can be scary, and when someone is ill, it’s usually at night that symptoms manifest themselves or get worse. Most of our emergency room visits and subsequent hospitalizations were late at night. I memorized this scripture in order to battle the increasing anxiety I would feel as the sun went down during those tough seasons.

1 Kings 18

next verse

Acts 27
I love the story of the shipwreck in the book of Acts. Especially the part where they cast four anchors out of the stern and “wished for the day”.

Acts 27 next

LazarusThe story of Lazarus has always been one of my favorites. As you can see, they have rolled away the stone but they have yet to “Loose him and let him go!”