Animal Playgrounds

Do you know what animals do when you’re not looking? Well, neither do I, but I can always use my imagination! In the summer of 2011, when my granddaughter was about 8 years old, she and I sat for hours creating animal playgrounds. She provided the ideas, and I drew them. Here they are, not in any particular order, except that I think “Bugs’ Playground” was our first one.

bugs playgroundBugs’ Playground, June 15, 2011cats good.JPGCats’ Playground (now available at my Zazzle store) Click here for park 2Dog Parkbirds 2Yes, even birds have to go to school! (I only know some of this stuff because I was a teacher for 30 years!)bearginia city“Bear-ginia” City, inspired by a family trip to the historic Virginia City, playground 3The Fish Playground must be “free at all times!” Click here to see this poster in my Zazzle store.snake carnivalI wouldn’t have chosen to draw a snake carnival, but when you’re drawing with grandchildren you go with their imagination!RabbitsIf you ever wanted to know how rabbits harvest carrots without ever going outside, now you know! Available as a poster in my Zazzle store.animal hospitalOccasionally, even animals have to go to the hospital. But it’s all good, because everything there is super cute!