My Whimsical Garden, Part 1

OK, now that I have introduced you to my whimsical gardens on paper, and to my friend’s real life whimsical garden, it’s time to have a look at my own “garden”. It’s safe to say it is a “real life garden” but I’m not sure the word “whimsical” can be applied, yet…  (that’s why this is Part 1).

patio view

You may have been impressed by the title photo for this post, a nice cup of coffee and a bagel on the patio early in the morning. That’s the look I’m trying to create, but at this moment, if you step back and see the table from farther away, this is what it looks like. A huge improvement over what it was before, but far from “finished.”

First, Let’s Review…


A good teacher will always activate prior knowledge before presenting the lesson, so I would like to start out with review. Pictured above you see a close up of my friend’s marigolds (see post entitled “A Real Life Whimsical Garden). Next we will take a look at my (not so) whimsical marigolds:

wilted marigolds

In all fairness, one might point out that they were just planted last week, and the summer weather has hit triple digits regularly for the past few weeks…

copper kings

The above photo features (I believe) what my father used to call Copper Kings. At least they were when I bought them. Those are zinnias pictured below.

wilted flowers

back yard view

But I am watering them, so they (are starting to) look better. Never mind about the rounded border pieces, they don’t really go there. I just haven’t figured out exactly where to put them yet.

The Plants

plsntsThese are the plants I bought last week, on the “work bench” before I spray painted it…painting blueAnd the some of the same plants (still not planted), afterwards…

Whimsical Turtles and Birds

OK, class, let’s review turtles. Below you can see the one in the “real life whimsical garden”. So far mine are still only on paper…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

turtle with flowers

Below is a drawing of a whimsical garden with birds… and below that is a bird in my “almost” whimsical garden.

birds in trees

bird by feeder
early am

This is what it looked like at a little after 6:30 this morning. I feel like it’s a good start.

This concludes Part 1 of “My Whimsical Garden”.
Stay tuned for Part 2…I’m sure it will be worth the wait!