A Surprise Guest Post

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Foster, and I’m taking a moment to help Nana (I actually call her Mom) out with her blog. When I first heard she had a blog, I thought she said “dog”, so I was quite relieved to find out it’s just some computer stuff. It sounds easy enough. (I do have to type fast, since she doesn’t know I’m doing this!) Hope you like my post. If you like it, be sure to tell Mom so she lets me do more!

When I first got to my new home, I couldn’t believe all the plants there were! I immediately had to check them out.plants3


plants4Now this plant has been moved just out of my reach, and when I try to play with the other ones, water squirts on me from somewhere out of blue. Don’t know what that’s about, but if it keeps up I guess I’ll have to find something else to play with in the living room.

with panda

Fortunately there’s more to do than play with plants. One of the first things Mom gave me was this panda. It doesn’t do much, but it is cute.

big eyes - Copy

Here I am with my catnip fish. And one of my favorite toys is the Kleenex box!


kleenex3 - Copy


fish and kleenex - Copy

But the best thing is playing with the Kleenex box AND the catnip fish at the same time!

with pens

Then one day I noticed these cool pens and pencils! Mom has them all over the house. Not sure exactly what they do, but they look like fun.

pens 2

I think I’ll pick this one….

with paper

There’s also  paper everywhere. It’s fun to play with if you crumple it up and toss it onto the floor. (Just saying.)

first nap - Copy

This is me taking my first nap after I came to my new house. Exploring a new house can really make you tired! In fact, most things can make you tired. So I take lots of naps.



My daily schedule: eat, play, sleep, repeat!

looking up

Uh-oh, I think I hear Mom coming… better go, and don’t forget to tell her if you liked my post! Until then, let the cuteness continue!