Guest Post #2

Okay people, do I have a story to tell you! And yes, Mom said I could do another post because I was so good at the vet! Yup, that’s what I said, the VET. Who knew that you had to get shots and see if you have worms…this is not for the faint of heart. Just saying.Bible.JPG

It started out just like any other day. I was having my usual nap on Mom’s coffee table between the Bible and the sketchbooks. What could be more relaxing?

hole in box

Unbeknownst to me, Mom had other plans. Before I knew it, I was in this box with a picture of a cat on one side and a dog on the other. The only way someone could escape was through these little holes. But for some reason no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fit through them.

hole in box 2

Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper!


Then after what seemed like an eternity, they let me out of the box. We had to wait in a little room for the longest time. Mom tried to distract me with my little kitty toy but it didn’t do much good…

at vet

Eventually a really nice lady came out and introduced herself as the doctor. She let me see her equipment and tried to make me feel comfortable. She kept saying how cute I was, which made me feel a little better. If somebody thinks you’re that cute, they’re probably not going to do anything to hurt you, right?



I even got to see the paperwork they gave Mom. It was a list of things I have to get done by the time I’m 16 weeks old. She signed me up for the Kitten Pack, because it would be cheaper than having all those things done separately.

Dr Duran

Both Mom and I really liked the doctor. She even let us take this picture for my blog post. I have to say, she did take me in the back and give me a shot, and sprayed me down with flea spray because I’m still too little for Frontline.  Then she said I had worms, so Mom had to give me a half of a worm pill when we got home. She has to give me the other half in three weeks. I didn’t mind because she put it in some Fancy Feast canned food, which I’d never had before since I still mainly eat Kitten Chow.

asleep on table

When we finally got home I was so tired I fell asleep on top of this box on the coffee table.

Bible 2

I pretty much took it easy the rest of the day, since going to the vet does take a lot out of a person. But at least I got that over with, and I don’t have to go back for three weeks!