Cat Sketches

Since I recently got Foster the Kitten, I decided it was time to pull out my cat drawings…

cats with pillow

Most of these are from photos that I found online while searching “cute cats” or “cute kittens” images. Since at the time I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to  draw from a photo by someone else without crediting that person, I didn’t keep track of what websites I found them on, but I was able to go back and find credits for some of them. So…unless otherwise stated, I didn’t take the actual photos of these. I did, however, change the backgrounds, mostly because I found the actual backgrounds in the photos too hard to draw…

I don’t remember where online I found the photos I used for these. As you can see below, I have yet to acquire the skill of drawing their eyes.

So… draw them while they are asleep!

After having trouble learning how to do their eyes, I discovered that it’s ever so much easier to draw them sleeping! (Yes there is a method to my madness!”)

This little guy has been drawn a lot, as I found not only the photo of him online but various drawings of him as well. Kind of looks like Foster in a way…

kitten picture

My grandson and I sat down together in December of 2014 to draw this picture together. I love his version! And I love the times we have spent together on the couch drawing.

Drawing actual pets…

This was my own cat Scout sometime in April of 2014. You will  notice that I couldn’t duplicate the afghan, and I made up the hardwood floor. She was really on the couch.

This was the hardest one so far, and you can see it’s still not exactly right.  It is a picture of Rags, a cat my family had from when I was in the 3rd grade all the way till she was over 20 years old.

Change the background if you can’t draw it…
kitten on plaid

I couldn’t do the plaid on this one so I made it into a quilt instead.

kitty with quilt

And now for when I’m NOT looking at a photo…

When I try to make cats look real without looking at a photo, they all seem to have the same bewildered expression on their faces… which is why I have much better results with whimsical cats. They don’t HAVE to look real, in fact, if they did they wouldn’t be whimsical.

Whimsical Always Makes You Feel Better!


And so does a nice nap!