Never Will a Rock

At church we sing a chorus that says, “Never will a rock cry out in my place, He’s worthy of all my praise!” This refers to the scripture in Luke 19:37-40 that describes what we now celebrate as Palm Sunday, or Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The Pharisees told Jesus to keep His disciples from worshipping Him so loudly, and He replied that “…if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”leaf and bug

Well, I for one am not planning on any rocks taking my place praising God…but there are other things rocks can do, and one of them is to look cute in a whimsical garden. Yes, it’s another “art project” I had to try…

Fortunately I have some river rock in my backyard so I can go out and get some whenever I get in the mood to paint them.

rocks outside

rocks in sink

First you have to wash them, because paint adheres better to a clean surface. Then, when they are dry, get out all your acrylic craft paints and paint away!

rocks keys and buttons

painting rocksI might mention here that I tried using “glow in the dark” paint on the two rocks in the foreground (above) but it didn’t work. Maybe I needed to put more coats of paint on them. I’ll try that again later.painting rocks 3

rocksThese are a few of my first painted rocks, from last year. That’s when I realized that painting rocks is a lot harder than it looks!

rock catFortunately with acrylic paints, you can paint over one design and make it into something new. That’s how this cat became the turtle below. The turtle isn’t quite finished, but you get the idea.IMG_3091

fish rockIn much the same way, this “fish” (don’t laugh!) was transformed into the design below.purple rock 2

different rocks

rocks with keysAs you can see, some keys got in the way…colored rocks.JPG

So far the plain colored ones are going into the marigold border…I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of them but I’m sure I’ll think of something!