Birdhouses Part 1

If you have read the post “My Whimsical Garden Part 1” you may have been wondering how that is going. Well I got the key windchimes done…(used all of 4 keys) and now I’ve been working on birdhouses. But first let’s look at the wind chimes.

buttons and keys

It took a few tries to get it right, but finally I decided on buttons instead of beads. Above you can see how they looked before being attached to anything. Below you will see the final result. They are attached to a little lantern that I got on sale at CVS.

buttons and keys 3

buttons and keys 2

keys wind chimes

And finally, hanging up in the breezeway with the other wind chimes.Don’t know how they will sound in the wind, but I guess we’ll find out eventually.

OK now for the birdhouses…

These are from Michael’s Crafts. What fun to see how they will look when they are painted!

The idea was to have multiple brightly colored birdhouses in the trees, sort of like this picture I found on Pinterest:

birdhouses pinterest

birdhouses in tree

Here’s what I have so far…Plus there is one small one to the left that you can’t see in this picture. We’ll get that one in another day.

birdhouse smallAnd, some aren’t in the trees, yet, though they may be before it’s over…

And one more thing…


This is another Pinterest idea for what to do with an old watering can. And, since I just happened to have one lying around (seriously), I decided to try making one myself.

First, I sprayed the can with clear acrylic gloss. I didn’t paint it; what you see on the right is what it looked when the acrylic gloss dried. Which I thought was pretty cool!

My neighbor gave me these glass icicle Christmas decorations from her yard sale. I already had plastic beads so I followed the directions from Pinterest, changing it to fit my “style” as I went along.

And, voila! This is how it turned out. It’s actually situated above the birdbath, which you can’t see in the pictures because it has no water in it at the moment. But you get the idea.

And, an update on the marigolds…

rocks by marigolds

marigolds better

They’re doing much better. More on that later…